Friday, 27 July 2012

Didn’t realise it had been a whole week since I last wrote.  Time goes too quickly.  Came safely through the flight at Stoke Bruerne seven locks in all.  We paired with a young couple on a 20 ft boat, ours is 57, who were taking the boat to London to live on whilst at university there. With the double locks it is always good to be with another boat, not only because I get help with the gates, but the boat doesn’t move around so much within the lock.  Especially when going uphill where you are letting the water in!
We spent last weekend at Cosgrove where there was a canal festival.  We wandered round looking at boats and stalls on the Saturday, but Sunday spent pottering around on the boat and enjoying the weather.  Paul is still finishing making boxes and various other jobs making our own mark on Falcon.
Since then we have been cruising through Milton Keynes.  Much nicer than it sounds as the area around the canal is very rural with lots of parks and good cycle ways.  We have been out on our bikes a couple of times now.  It’s quicker than cruising!  Also the area around here is fairly flat!  Not a bit like Devon! 
We went as far as Fenny Stratford, a fair distance with only 2 locks.  Also the weather has been fantastic.  Not tempted to swim in the canal though however hot it gets!  At Fenny Stratford we turned so are now on our way back, heading north.  Last night we met a childhood friend of mine who lives not far from where we are now moored.  We do have a very ‘loose’ plan, our aim is to be somewhere not too far from Bromsgrove in August when hopefully we will see Sheree.  For those who don’t know a very good friend from Plymouth.
Well it’s almost time to cast off, no I am not knitting, so until next time
 Ahoy me ‘arties.

Friday, 20 July 2012

After 5 nights at Weedon we were beginning to feel at home.  Found the village, did some shopping, then yesterday we got the bus into Northampton.  Only 12 miles but it took almost an hour.  Thank fully Paul used his bus pass so it was only me who had to pay £6.10 fare!  We had a good look round the town, including lunch,  a look at the canal for future reference and shopping in Sainsbury’s before catching the bus back.  Today we are again on the move, literally as I write.  Travelling along the Grand Union heading for Cosgrove where there is a canal festival this weekend.   Before that we stop at Gayton to fill the water tank, and empty the other one.  I will let you imagine what that holds!  Then it’s through Blisworth Tunnel and a flight of locks at Stoke Bruerne.  So a busy day ahead!
It’s very rural where we are passing, just bird song and the chug of our engine.  There is a moorhen on the canal just beside us and we have seen several herons this morning. 
Well now I have made you all jealous I will sign off until next time.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Well is has been a while, I really don't know where the times goes!  We finally left Braunston on Thursday.  Cupboard looking good, and we now have 2 windows at the bow of the boat with a table which either clips up behind the windows or drops down into the cratch.  So all very posh!  Paul has painted it but will do some decoration when he has the time.  Leaving Braunston meant 6 locks and a tunnel.  We were very lucky with the weather and the 6 locks took one hour twenty minutes.  Good going.  We were paired with another boat, that helps, also it was fairly busy so some locks were ready for us to go straight in and others we were able to leave open ready for the next boat.  Which all makes life that bit easier. 
So now we are moored near a village called Weedon.  Just ahead of us is the Pub where we stayed when we came up and found Falcon.  Haven't been there tho as we have a problem with electrics/fridge,  not sure which, have an electrician visiting tomorrow.  So have had to eat up lots of food from the fridge!
Not been any where today, it gets busy on the canal at the weekends!  We’ve been busy though.  Helped Paul get everything out of the bow locker which is where the gas bottles go.  He then managed to squeeze himself in there to clean it out and treat the rust.  Hoping for dry weather tomorrow, so he can paint inside.   It  means that while he is working we have no gas, so not even a cuppa!
Well wrote that yesterday, so we are still at Weedon and hopefully the electrics are now working properly.  May stay here a few days yet.
So that is the latest from us.  You all take care.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Well I can hardly believe that it is over a week since our last post.  The days seem to pass so quickly.  Suffice to say this is a very social way of life, with much time spent meeting and talking with new friends.  We are still at Braunston, or maybe I should say back as we went to Napton for the weekend.  A little more than 2 hours by boat, but about 20 minutes in the car.  There is a very nice pub at Napton called The Folly.  It is right on the canal by a lock.  They were hosting ‘Folk on the Water’ for the weekend.  With many different artist singing live in the pub.  All in the aid of charity, so we felt it to be our duty to spend much time in the pub supporting good causes!
We did have a walk around the village too.  For some reason in an area which is mainly flat there is a hill there with a windmill on the top.  So we walked up and the view from there was amazing, very far reaching.  Not at all like Devon! 
As you can probably tell we are having a really good time, but missing friends from home too.  Thank  you for emails which we have had with news from home.  All are much appreciated and will get answered at some point.  Here we have no phone signal but the internet it strong.  At Napton it was the opposite!
Well cupboard is fitted, just some finishing to do, so by next update we should be on the move.  So until then, bye from us both.