Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Well we finally came up through the Foxton Flight on Friday.  There was a lockkeeper so it was a fairly easy trip with the sun shining on us.  Much better weather than we had been expecting.  Spent a couple of nights at the top making sure we had a good TV signal so we could watch Strictly, can’t believe that Deborah went out and biker Dave is still in and hasn’t even been in a dance off yet!!  Paul managed to watch 2 rugby matches as well.  Sunday morning saw us setting off early, think we were awake as the clocks had changed.  Also we had listened to the weather forecast which said there was a storm on the way.  So we were safely moored in the sun by midday.  Think we missed the worst of the storm and no sign of fallen trees across the canal when we moved on, on Monday.  We are now moored at Yelvertoft.  Yesterday we had a couple of solar panels fitted on the roof.  Surprisingly we had sun yesterday and again today so the batteries are charging as we sit here.  Tomorrow we move on to Yelvertoft Marina until Monday.  This is where we started out.  We will catch up with a few friends and there is a Halloween Party on Saturday.  So we are set for a good weekend.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Well in the 5 days since I last wrote we haven’t been very far.  We have cruised to Market Harborough and almost back again.  About 5 miles one way, with no locks but 2 swing bridges.  We are now about a mile from the junction at Foxton.   It is a very rural bit of canal with a couple of road bridges but no villages.  Went into Market Harborough a few times.  It is a nice little town with a variety of shops.  Did a few bits of Christmas shopping!!  Can’t believe we are thinking about that already!  The town is a couple of miles down hill from the towpath so we got the bikes out.  So hopefully we burnt off a few calories on the cycle back.  The 3rd and final time we went I made it all the way up the hill without stopping.  Tho I will say by Plymouth standards it wasn’t a very steep hill, also Paul managed it on the second attempt.  Over the next couple of days we will continue through the 2 swing bridges to Foxton Junction then finally we will go through the locks there.  Ten in total in 2 staircases of 5.  There will be a lock keeper on duty so hopefully he will help, depending on who else is going through.  

Friday, 18 October 2013

Falcon ready to go back into the water this morning

Out for a meal with Miggie and Dave on Wednesday
We are now back in the water.  Blacking successfully completed and Paul did some painting too whilst she was out of the water.  Dave took us back to Debdale yesterday and we spent the night on board but on the side on blocks.  Falcon was put back in the water this morning and we have cruised to Foxton, so we are now back where we were a weeks ago.  Although looking much posher!!  Have to be careful to avoid hitting anything for a while!!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Made an overnight stop at Fleckney before arriving at Foxton Locks on Friday where we stayed for 2 nights.  On Saturday we met up with Barry, Leyann, Miggie and Dave at the pub at the bottom of Foxton Locks.  Whilst talking over lunch we said about Falcon coming out of the water and when Miggie and Dave realised we were staying on board whilst the blacking was taking place they offered to have us to stay.  So here we are.  Sunday was a short cruise back to Debdale Wharf.  Then Monday Falcon was lifted out of the water onto blocks.  We were able to go back on board for lunch and shortly after Dave came and picked us up.  We have said we would like to stay until Thursday but we haven’t said exactly which Thursday!!  Miggie has been at work, but Dave has taken us into Leicester today where we all managed to spend some money.  It has been a very relaxing and enjoyable interlude and we have been very well looked after.  Tomorrow Dave will take us back to Debdale for us to be reunited with Falcon.  I suspect he will be cheering!!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Well another week has gone by.  We made it safely to Kilby where we moored for 5 nights.  On Friday we picked up a hire car and set off for Medmenham, a much shorter trip than I had thought, to spend a lovely weekend with Lorraine and family.  The children have grown so much.  Addison is now at school and did us lots of drawings.  Brogan is a typical two year old, always on the go with an impish smile which just makes you want to laugh too.  Though I am sure mum and dad find it easy to resist at times!  The weekend passed far too quickly.  Monday we managed to have a run to Tesco before we returned the car, spending the rest of the day relaxing after our hectic weekend.  Yesterday we filled with water leaving Kilby after lunch.  It was a lovely day, sunny and very warm almost like summer.  We did 7 locks, only planned 4!  We are now moored in a very pretty place with a lovely view out across the fields.  Later we will be getting the bikes out to visit Wistow Rural Centre.  Went there almost a year ago.  There is a gardens centre and several small craft type shops and of course a cafe for coffee or lunch depending what time we get there.  Not so warm today, but it is dry, uphill on the way so an easy trip back.  Catch you later.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

West bridge at Leicester

Well nearly another week has gone by and now it is October.  We arrived in Leicester city yesterday.  We are moored by Castle Gardens where there is a short pontoon with secure moorings.  We were very lucky with our trip back from Loughborough, plenty of sunshine to go with the lovely scenery and varied wildlife.  We found more elder so Paul has made another batch of jam.  We will be moving on again this morning towards Wigston and Kilby Bridge.  Getting excited now, as on Friday we are picking up a hire car to visit Lorriane and family for the weekend.  So it will probably be another week before I post here again.