Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Well it has been an eventful couple of days.  We left Coventry Basin on Monday morning stopping just outside to fill with water.  Whilst there a gentleman in an invalid car came by and stopped to chat.  Transpired that in his youth he used to unload the coal from the barges when they reached the basin.  We spent a very pleasant half hour just chatting to him.  No locks along that stretch of the Coventry Canal so whilst Paul was cruising I was busy getting on with some washing.  That evening found us moored just before Nuneaton.  Just had to go and explore there after a short cruise on Tuesday morning.  That took care of much of the rest of the day, although we did move on another 5 miles before evening.  Today we have come down the 11 locks at Atherstone.  A very interesting trip due mainly to the gale force wind constantly trying to blow us on to the towpath.  At one point the water in the pound was low and Falcon stuck on the bottom and I had to go back to the previous lock and let some water through.  Luckily the locks are not too far apart and the up side is I did burn some calories!! Lock wise we were very lucky mostly meeting boats coming the other way (meaning you can leave gates open or gates are left open for you).  Also an off duty lock keeper was out for a walk and he came with us the whole flight and helped out.  Someone was smiling on us today.  We are now moored about half a mile from Polesworth which will mean another run ashore tomorrow.  A smaller place so won’t be so long there.  

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Well we finally made a move on Thursday and with a couple of overnight stops made it into Coventry Basin about lunch time on Saturday.  We did stop en route to have a lead made up for our fourth battery, previously we only had three.  We walked into the town centre yesterday and had a look around but only bought coffee.  We needed that to brace us for the walk back. The good thing about being moored in the basin is we have a level mooring site so Paul has been able to get on with a few odd jobs in the stern, whilst I have been catching up with some washing.  So a general admin day today.  We will move on again in the morning, in a northerly direction.  Nuneaton is the next place we will go through.  Doesn’t sound so inspiring but it will take us on our way.
So bye for now from the both of us.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Well can’t believe it was almost a week ago that I last posted.  Time does seem to fly by.  On Friday we went to Midland Chandlers and spent a small fortune!  We have now replaced our batteries and life had much improved.  We were having to run our engine for several hours a day to have enough power for lights, water pump and some TV/computer time.  So different now.  We can even use 2 lights at once.  ha ha :o)  
We have now cruised on to Rugby.  Stopped for 3 nights at Clifton which is the home to Clifton Cruisers, which as well as being a boat hire place has a cafe/gift shop.  There is also a hairdresser which I made good use of, not before time.  Was also able to do some washing.  On the Sunday the guy that owns the place was running a small steam train around the car park.  Paul was quite fascinated and spent a while chatting about the building of it.  On Monday we walked into the centre of Rugby for a look around the shops.  We did give in and catch the bus back!  Yesterday we moved on to the other side of Rugby and are now moored by Tesco so will be getting in some shopping later.  There is also Wickes, Maplin and The Range near by.  Will probably stay here for a couple of nights before heading on to Coventry. 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Braunston Church and Windmill (no sails) behind us in the distance.
Taken Tuesday when the sun made a brief appearance. 

Well since I last wrote we have had 2 separate lots of visitors from Yelvertoft.  Leyann and Barry came to see us on Monday afternoon, then Chris and Chris came for coffee on Tuesday morning. Yesterday we caught the bus into Daventry and did some shopping.  Tonight we are off to the pub to meet up with Michael and Sue, a couple we last saw back in July or August time when we were on the Saltisford Arm at Warwick!  Whilst we have been at Bruanston we have moored in 4 different places, mainly to try and get TV and internet signal.  We were mooring this afternoon when Michael was walking their dog along the towpath.  He recognised us, probably the boat, so we arranged to meet tonight.  It can be a small world sometimes.  Tomorrow we will be moving on towards Rugby once we have done our shopping in Midland Chandlers.  So you can see although we haven’t cruised very far we haven’t been idle.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Well our time at Yelvertoft went very quickly, quite a social round of coffee, wine etc as we caught up with friends.  I had a day out on Monday (week ago now!) when Leyann took me to Tesco for shopping.  See how easily pleased I am!  We did fit in a pub lunch too and it was lovely to spend some ‘girly’ time.  Headed out of Yelvertoft on Wednesday having stayed for the fish and chip van which visits every Tuesday.  So it was down Watford Staircase and on to Watford Gap Services on the M1 for coffee!  The places we get to, very varied!  Thursday found us moored at Norton Junction near Buckby, not too far from Daventry.  On Friday we had a new floor fitted in the salon so we now look very posh!  Yesterday we moved on to Braunston.  That meant a tunnel and 6 locks.  We paired with a hire boat through the locks, 2 families so I had a nice easy time as there were plenty helping hands for the locks.  We couldn’t moor right in Braunston so we are just round the bend (been there a while I hear you say) on the water highway towards Napton.  We will potter about here until Friday when the local chandlery has a 20% off day, not to be missed, we have been making a list for days!
So a belated Happy Easter to you all, bye for now.