Friday, 27 March 2015

Moving On

Nice new cratch cover and pram cover.

Better view of the pram cover.
Moored at Newbold on Avon
Well we did make it back to Rugby and did yet more shopping in Tesco (other supermarkets are available, but further from the canal!).  Although we did walk to Aldi one day, asked someone the way and he told us and also a ‘short cut’ back.  It was actually further so we got some exercise.  The cratch and pram cover are now all complete.  So we are looking very smart.  So we finally moved on from Rugby yesterday and have now started on our trip northward.  We have made it as far as Ansty and will probably get the bus into Coventry tomorrow.  Will let you know how we progress.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Further Improvements

New Cratch Cover
Sewing all done Paul still to fit the rest of the clips and catches

Whoops, doesn’t time fly when you are having fun!!  Sorry guys didn’t realise just how long since I last wrote here.  Well the cratch making went well, but after a couple of days we parted company from Sue and Mike and they had places to go and we had people to see!  We moved back towards Rugby and Barry and Leyann came to see us on Thursday bringing us mail.  Not all bills!  Then on Saturday Dave and Miggie came to visit.  Monday saw us making our way back to meet up with Mike and Sue again to carry on with the cratch  and the pram cover.  All the sewing work is now complete and Sue and Mike will be moving on tomorrow.  We need to turn so Paul can reach the other side of the boat to fix on all the fastenings.  Then once again we will be heading back towards Rugby, hopefully for the last time before we move on further.

Starting on the Pram Cover

Thursday, 5 March 2015


Our new worktops and you can just see a bit of the floor!
Didn’t realise it had been over a week since I last wrote here.  Geographically we haven’t been very far.  Still on the outskirts of Rugby, although we have been there and back again!  We spent a few days at the bottom of Hilmorton Locks.  The only 3 locks we have worked for months!!   At the weekend we hired a car.  We rented so that we could go to Barry’s Birthday Party at Yelvertoft Marina.  This is where we started out and we have remained friends ever since.  So as we were in the area we were asked to his party.  Well a car for the weekend cost less than a taxi both ways!  Paul did the driving so I was ok for drinking!!  We made good use of the car and visited Bourneville on Saturday afternoon and listened to the Carillion play.  Very enjoyable.  Have included some pictures of our new galley, and of our makeshift cratch.  Those of you who are boaters will appreciate the water filled milk containers used to keep it in place!  We are moored for a couple of days with Sue and Mike on Trisha Helen.  Sue is making our new cratch cover, using the old one for a pattern.  At the moment Paul is making a frame for a cover at the back.  So guess what the next pictures will be!!
So take care all, bye for now.

From the other way, you can see more of the floor!

Our makeshift cratch cover with the obligatory water filled milk containers!