Monday, 31 August 2015

Traveling through Manchester

Manchester Pride Weekend
Had a good day out at Salford Quays on Friday then Saturday we worked the 11 locks back to New Islington to attend their festival on Sunday. Luckily the weather was good. Lots of visitors. There was canoeing, wood carving, Bob's insects and reptiles amongst other things. Today we are making our way back down the 11 locks. Part way through we have stopped for a cuppa. Hope to moor on the Bridgewater Canal tonight. Unfortunately named after the Duke and nowhere near Taunton.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Centre of Manchester

This is where we are moored in Manchester. The tall building is the Hilton Hotel where we had lunch on Wednesday on the 23rd floor. From there we could see falcon. View was amazing. Food good too.

Our view
We arrived here on Wednesday having worked most of the locks on Tuesday, so just one lock and a short cruise on Wed.
We have been exploring all around the city. There are many beautiful buildings. Among them Town Hall, John Rylands Library and a multitude of coffee shops and restaurants. Last night we saw Priscilla Queen of the Desert at the Opera House. Another wonderful building. The show was excellent. Today the plan is to visit Salford Quays. Can't get enough water!

Lunch at the Hilton

Amazing show

Sunday, 23 August 2015


Moored in Manchester at New Islington or old Ancoats

Didn't go anywhere on Tuesday in the end as it rained most of the day. Wednesday we got the bus to Bury which went via Hollingsworth Lake so we saw it. A large market at Bury which we enjoyed walking around. Having pie and peas for lunch. Thursday saw us cruise through Rochdale. The canal doesn't go very close to the centre but we did recognise a few landmarks we had seen from the bus.  Friday saw us progress by 3 miles and 11 locks. Yesterday was a long hot day. With a quick shop in Tesco too. We left Chadderton about 8.30 as we knew there was a long day ahead. Apart from being advised not to stop there is nowhere suitable to moor anyway.  So 6 1/4 miles, 18 locks and a lift bridge (thankfully electric) We arrived in Manchester about 7.30.

View from the other side!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Over the top!

Currently we are moored at Littleborough.  Yesterday saw us over the summit of the Rochdale through the Pennines.  Some stunning scenery, even a zebra in the distance, tho it did have a wooden look about it!  There is even a place nearby called Summit!  And of course a pub, The Summit! 

Last lock going up

Water constantly pouring out from the lock, last lock on the up

11 locks, phew, and all before lunch, which we didn’t have until 3.  Started ok, we stopped for coffee after 2 locks.  As we descended into Littleborough there was a volunteer lockkeeper.  Then word that a boat ahead had gone aground and was working water through. This was to our advantage as they helped us through a couple of locks.  Much more helpful than the lockkeeper unsurprisingly!  Today we are going to visit Hollingworth Lake, a short walk away, which was made to supply water to the summit.  Tomorrow we are going to Bury.  We have been advised by locals it is a much better place to visit than Rochdale.  There are 92 locks on the Rochdale, we are halfway, so only 46 more to go!  That will bring us into Manchester.  We have already visited a couple of times but not yet by boat.

Other side of the summit, first lock going down, we are already moored
 and Paul is making coffee!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

This is just a quick line to let you all know that we are fine.  Have been back on board since late on Friday.  Dave, Paul’s brother, came back with us which was lovely.  I had help with the locks for a couple of days while we made our way to Hebden Bridge.  If you watched ‘Last Tango in Halifax’ it is where the narrow boat was moored briefly at the end of one season.  Yesterday we got the train into Manchester with him.  We had to make sure he got on the Megga Bus safely, didn’t want him coming back, ha ha/lol.  Then today John Sheerstone and his son Jack came to see us.  John works at Stonehouse, which is how we know him.  Although we make friends along the way it is always good to see people from 'home'.  We are now on the Rochdale Canal.  96 locks in total, so far we have done 11.  Still more enjoyable than a visit to the gym!