Thursday, 18 May 2017

Moving On

How many babies!
 After a hectic week away we were glad to be back on board. Our first stop was at Tixall Wide, but that was nearly a week ago now!
On Saturday we turned out on to the Trent and Mersey Canal heading north. With an extra passenger, Jill had come back with us. So for a while Paul had 2 Jill's on board. We took our
time slowly
Mid point on the Trent and Mersey with 2 Wind Lasses
heading northwards. We arrived in Stone on Monday. This is a lovely little town and a fovourite place of ours. It was a bonus having help with the locks. Yesterday Jill's brother Dave arrived to take her back to Bristol so she could collect her car and drive the rest of the way back to Plymouth. Today we have moved on towards Stoke on Trent.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Back to Stafford

Moorhen on her nest.
Well for once all went according to plan and we worked the 2 locks and winded coming back to Compton to moor for lunch.
With no more locks for a while we cruised on to Coven for Saturday night. The next couple of days we spent traveling back the way we had come. Arriving at Stafford Boat Club on Thursday morning. Time to catch up with washing. Only to find Annie and Colin from NB Eli were moored here. We first met them at Braunston on our first year out and have 'bumped' into them several times over the years. Annie invited us to join them for a BBQ that evening, which we were only too happy to do.
So at the moment Falcon is safely moored in Stafford and we are in Hereford at Paul's RAF reunion. 50 years ago 309 San signed on the dotted line.
From here we have a quick trip to Plymouth to finalise details for our new tenants, before returning to Falcon on Thursday.

Friday, 28 April 2017


Lovely hyacinths
 Well in the week since I last wrote we have been making our way southwards. We left Tixal wide on Saturday and made leisurely progress. The weather was good. Warm and sunny. Sat out on the towpath one day. A nearby fisherman gave Paul his left over maggots when he went, so Paul spent a couple of evenings with his rod over the side! Didn't catch anything though.
We can tell spring is here as there is much more green on the trees. We have also seen several lots of ducklings. One a family of 13! Also one lot of moorhen chicks, 3 of those. If only they would stay still long enough for a picture. This was the best I could manage.
Can you spot 8 ducklings, honestly they are there.
This morning we reached the junction with the Shropshire Union, however we stayed on the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal and tonight we are in Compton. We arrived about 3 and have been to the launderette and have just had a meal in The Oddfellow. We have been here before and they do a lovely rotisserie chicken. You can see them cooking from the pub 🍗
Tomorrow we will move on through 2 locks so we can turn round and head back the way we came 🙋

Friday, 21 April 2017

Tixall Wide

 We were back on board on Monday and left the marina on Wednesday. Not moving very far we are now on the Staffordshire and Worcester Canal.
Spending a few days at Tixall. My favourite mooring. The swan nest we can see from our window. Looking the other way is a coot on a nest.
Tomorrow we plan to move on towards Hailey. Just pottering about for a couple of weeks until Paul's 50 RAF reunion at Hereford in early May.
Swan on nest

Monday, 27 March 2017

Great Haywood Junction

Well we got the water heater fixed and returned again to Rugeley, arriving on Friday. Only spending 1 night there before moving on.

Can you spot the kingfisher?
We have had some lovely weather for a few days. Yesterday we  went for a walk around the Wolseley Garden Park where the above photo was taken. After lunch we moved on a short distance to moor in sight of Shugborough Hall. A lovely large National Trust property that we have passed many times but have not visited. We plan to go tomorrow. Then on Wednesday will go into Great Haywood Marina to leave Falcon whilst we head off to Plymouth as our tenants are moving out. So probably won't be writing again for a while. Will catch up where we can but are planning to do some work on the bungalow. After 5 years of renting there are a few things to do.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Arrived at Rugeley

Arrived at Fradley Junction on Thursday in time for lunch. We know this area quite well having been here several times in our hiring days! Friday was spent working one swing bridge and  2 locks to bring us to the other side of the junction. Paul spent most of Saturday watching the rugby. A disappointing end for England!

Site of Armitage Tunnel. 
Sunday saw us moving on again as far as the marina at Kings Bromley where I did lots of washing. There were even washing lines so I was able to peg out! Not often I get that opportunity!
We have a problem with our water heater, so yesterday we called in at a boatyard to see if they could help. They have to order parts so we have come to Rugeley to restock the cupboard. One of the ordered parts has been sent from Plymouth!
The picture​ was taken at Armitage. The tunnel has been removed but the canal isn't wide enough to pass and as there is a bend I had to walk through to check all is clear.
Tomorrow we will turn and head back to the boatyard ready for the work to be done on Thursday.
After a sunny start this morning we had hail earlier. Wonder what is in store tomorrow!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Out of Tamworth

Well for once we stuck to our plan. We spent the weekend in Tamworth. Got our bikes out a few times. The canal is a short distance from the town with good cycle paths so off we went. Been a while since we last used them so Paul had to do a bit of maintenance.

Gary and Carolyn on Inca
 We also did some maintenance on Falcon, giving her a wash down on both sides.
Yesterday morning friends​ Gary and Carolyn came passed us on their boat Inca. Not seen them for a couple of years. We had a matter and they
Paul's fish and chips!
Moved on. We are headed in the same direction, so we may see them again.
We had to stay put as we had booked cinema tickets for that afternoon. Odeon Silver Screen. If you are over 55 its only £3 for ticket and cuppa with biscuit! Love a bargain! We went to see Sully. The story of the plane that landed on the Hudson River back in 2009. Tom Hanks played Sully, the pilot that landed it. Very interesting and thought provoking film.  We both thoroughly enjoyed it.
So this morning we moved on and have returned to The Plough for lunch and internet. As you can see large portions. Paul is concerned as he hasn't got his tartar sauce. Only problem, not enough room for desert!
Well with the sun shining we will stay here tonight and move on in the morning.