Sunday, 13 August 2017

On the way to Birmingham

Turning at Fazeley Junction
On Thursday we traveled to Fradley Junction and there turned right on to the Coventry Canal, which was taking us towards Tamworth and on to Fazeley Junction. The 2 junctions are only about 10 miles apart and with no locks in between I have to think carefully which is which.
It is fairly obvious really as Fazeley Junction takes you on to the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal!
We are still heading towards Stratford on Avon but are taking the long way round so that we can be at Hopwood next week to meet up with one of Paul's brother's and our nephew. So it will be well worth the extra effort!
Today after turning at the junction we have climbed 11 locks of the Curdworth Flight. Quite hard work it was too. After that lot I am almost looking forward to the 13 locks of the Farmers Flight into the centre of Birmingham! Still that will be another day 😎

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Great Haywood

Our mooring looking towards Shugborough
If you look carefully through the trees on the left you can just about make out Shugborough Hall. We did visit in April when we were heading north.
In the last week we have been busily heading south. We have come through Harecastle Tunnel, made our way through Stoke on Trent and Stone. Although we haven't got wet through the weather hasn't been the best. We have worked about 26 locks and traveled about the same amount of miles. We are heading to Stratford on Avon.
When passing through Great Haywood we usually make a short detour on to the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal to stop at Tixall Wide. Having decided to carry on as it wasn't sitting out weather, the sun has now come out!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Overnight at Rode Heath

Lock 60 on the Trent and Mersey Canal
Yesterday we worked 14 of the 26 locks known as 'Heartbreak Hill'. I don't think it's as bad as it sounds. With other flights once started there is no mooring until the end, with this flight there is opportunity for overnight stops at several point. Rode Heath being one. We moored opposite the pub, which has been very useful as we can use their WiFi! We were very lucky managing to avoid most of the rain. Also only another 12 locks between here and Kidsgrove. Not all the locks are as deep as the one above, also, unusually many of the locks are set in pairs. Back in the days of working boats this speeded their passage. Most of the locks still remain as double with only a couple filled in. It does make for an interesting trip. You can be coming up in one lock as another boat is going down in the other! We will probably spend 2 nights at Kidsgrove, as whilst it is not the most picturesque of places there is a useful launderette and a large Tesco, so we will be busy!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Middlewich and beyond

Brine Pump Middlewich
Well we finally made it to Middlewhich on Saturday. Picking up our favoured mooring. Not far from Lidl with TV, internet and phone signal! We don't ask for much.  We realised that, by chance, we had timed out visit to co-inside with one of the 4 open weekends of the Brine Pump. So Saturday we went to have a look. The pump is still in much need of repair but was pumping brine up until 1977. Work was then stopped due to much local subsidence. We found it all very interesting so on Sunday we joined a guided tour around Middlewich telling s all about the salt production of the are dating from Roman times.
So Monday saw us moving on and with one overnight stop we arrived today at Wheelock. Staying here the night to sample again the lovely fish and chips. Hopefully there won't be too much rain tomorrow and we can continue on to Kidsgrove.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Afloat Again

A favourite mooring spot of ours
You may need to check back a couple of entries as last time I went to post I found an entry not posted, so they are a bit out of order!
We are currently at Rudheath. A small village on the outskirts of Northwhich. There has been quite a bit of rain today. Paul is catching up on some jobs. Yesterday he did an oil change. Today he is finishing off a few bits connected with that. We got back on board on Sunday following the funeral which was on Friday. It seems like we had been away a long time. In fact it was 3 weeks ago today that we set off to Taunton.
We are heading once again towards Middlewich, however this time we will be continuing on southward, probably through Stoke on Trent, so staying on the Trent and Mersey. Yet to make a final decision.
Whilst we have been away all the paintwork repair have been completed so we are all set to go 😎

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Another picture of us! This time at the Casa Mia, Sandbach
Just found this lurking in drafts, written on 30th June and I thought I had published it.

Well another week and we are moored in about the same spot as a week ago, but this time facing the other way. Middlewich is a good stop off as there are several supermarkets and small local shops just a short walk from the Canal.
The week in-between we have gone up the 8 locks heading southward to Wheelock where we spent a couple of days. Unfortunately the summer which arrived with a rush a couple of weeks ago seems to have deserted us again!
Thursday we had a table booked for a special Napoli Night at the Casa Mia in Sandbach. When we went there for lunch a couple of weeks ago we enjoyed it so much we booked for their special evening. They have one a month, each themed from a different area of Italy. The menu is set 5 course, and was delicious. With good wine and company to go with it we had a wonderful evening. There was also a chap singing and playing the accordian.
Then on Friday we had to work another lock to be able to turn, which left us 9 locks over 2 days to return. We are now heading back again towards Anderton in hope of getting the paintwork on the boat done.


St Mary's Church, Taunton

Sorry there has not been much news here recently. Our cousin, Paul Trott, who has been battling throat cancer for most of this year finally gave up the fight on Sunday. Thankfully we had made the decision to travel to Taunton beforehand and had seen him in hospital on several occasions. We are staying here in Taunton to help Alison, his wife, as much as we can at this harrowing time.
Once we are back afloat will let you know in which direction we are traveling.