Thursday, 20 September 2018

Back on the cut

In Wroclaw with Richard
Well after a month in Poland we arrived back on Sunday.  Richard now has a new left hip, his stitches are all out and he should be back at work tomorrow.  The time there with  him passed very quickly.  We were very lucky with the weather.  Mostly hot and sunny, only 2 days where there was any rain.

We arrived back on board at Dewsbury where all was well.  Having stocked the cupboards we planned to move on, on Tuesday, but it was so windy we decided to stay another day.  Only for storm Ali to arrive on Wednesday!!

Winding in the wind!

It did give us chance to catch up with some new friends we had made there in the marina.  Ralf and Julia on NB Omega.  When it came time to leave Ralf was on board with Paul helping to pole around.  We wanted a pump out so Paul had to reverse out, turn and reverse back on to be on the correct side!  All in a fairly small space with the wind blowing!

Broad Cut Bottom Lock. It did empty eventually!
I was on the jetty ready to catch the rope.  It all went remarkably well and after lunch in The Leggers we finally left Dewsbury on Wednesday afternoon.  Back out on to the Calder and Hebble.  We worked through 4 locks and moored just after Broad Cut Top Lock.
A short cruise this morning brought us to the bottom lock which as you can see left leaks a lot.  Paul was getting quite wet on the stern!
Just one more lock and we are now in Wakefield.  We were planning to stay here the night, which is just as well as just after lunch the heavens opened.
Still we are not complaining about the rain, as parts of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal are still closed due to the lack of rain over the summer.  However we are carrying on with our plan to cruise it, so may be spending the winter up north!
Will keep you posted as we go.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Heading Back

Well we did make if safely to Dewsbury on Wednesday.  Looking at the locks here there seems to be plenty of water, but this navigation is part river.  We spent just one night here.  Nice pub in the basin called The Leggers.  Good ale, good food and excellent internet.  What more do you need!
At the end of the Dewsbury Arm
Moving on on Thursday we arrived at Shepley Bridge.  A fairly quiet place away from the road, although you can hear the occasional train.  On Friday our niece Cheryl came to see us.  Not seen her for about a year I think so that was lovely.  She lives in Stockport so about and hour away by car.  She brought her friend Bev too.  We went for a short cruise and whilst Paul was in the stern getting every thing ready a passing boater told him we were having a party inside!  There was lots of laughter, not due at all to alcohol as Cheryl had to drive back.
Good to know which waterway we are on

With Cheryl and her friend Bev

Our short cruise with them had brought us to Mirfield, not too far from the station, so on Saturday we got the train into Leeds.  Had a look round the town and the canal before heading back.  At the moment parts of the Leeds and Liverpool canal are shut due to water shortage.
A view of Leeds Station and the Canal

On Monday we moved on again to where the Calder and Hebble (C&H) joins the Huddersfield.  This is as far as we are going.  About 3 years ago we cruised the Huddersfield turning west at the end of it.  So now we have completed the C&H.

Yesterday we started back and are again at Shepley Bridge.  Will be moving on to Dewsbury tomorrow.  Falcon is going to be staying in the marina there while we go to Poland to see Richard.
We are hopeful that by the time we return water levels will be improved and we can continue on to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Aire and Calder

Moving on towards Ferrybridge, this was a good place to replenish the food cupboards.  They seem to empty so quickly! Good to have this sign at the lock,so we know where we are going!  

Hmm which way shall we go?
We moored at Castleford.  A bit out of town, so very pleasant, quite a few boats all with friendly crew! We went for a walk around Fairburn Ing.  Ing is a viking name for a water meadow in a flood plain.  There are lots of Ings in this area due to the now disused coal mines.  Castleford was useful as there was a launderette, so fully stocked and all clean we moved on, on Saturday after a lovely 3 nights.  

As this is part river navigation the lock are huge and moving on we shared a lock with 2 other narrow boats.  These were electric though so not difficult.  We ended up sharing 2 other locks with these boats with a lady off the other boat and I taking it in turns to press the buttons!

Old coal shute.
This brought us to Stanley Ferry where there is an aqueduct dating from 1839. A new one was built in 1981 but the old one is still in use.  On going for a walk around on Sunday morning we found there was to be a photo workshop in the afternoon so we decided to spend an extra night and go along.  We like to join in local activities when the opportunity arises.  Monday saw us moving on towards Wakefield.  The second lock we came to was called Fall Ing Lock.  Fortunately neither of us did.  At Wakefield we moored opposite the Ruddy Duck. Despite being in the middle of town the mooring was reasonably quiet (if you could ignore the traffic noise!).  Also the towpath was fairly low so Paul was able to paint the black on one side of the hull.  A job he usually does once a year.  Briefly thought about turning to do the other side, but that will wait till another time!

At Mary's Church on Chantry Bridge, Wakefield.

Left Wakefield yesterday morning and moored last night by Broad Cut Low Lock.  Moved on this morning and plan to arrive at Dewsbury later today.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Leaving the Selby Canal

In the end we didn't leave Selby on Friday. Our friends Dave and Jan on Yesdear arrived so we stayed put!
Moored at West Haddeslesey Lock overnight
Spending a very pleasant evening on Friday on their boat.
Saturday started with thunderstorms, which Paul managed to sleep through. Once the rain stopped both us and Yesdear moved on together, with the added bonus of a boater coming the other way operating the swing bridge for us!
This time Dave and Jan came on our boat and more wine was consumed!

Just moored for the night at Knottingly when this went by!

On Sunday Yesdear moved off ahead of us as they are heading towards Goole so we are unlikely to meet up with them again for a while.
The picture above is the end of the Selby Canal. West Haddeslesey is a flood lock and when we went down a couple of weeks ago the gates were open, but following the rain over the weekend the gates had been closed. So today we have worked through 3 locks and are now back on the Aire and Calder. This navigation is part canal and part river. Found a nice mooring just in time! We are again back on water we have not previously travelled. Heading towards Dewsbury.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

To Ripon and Return

We arrived safely in the centre of Ripon on Tuesday, well over a week ago now! The moorings are very near the centre. Paul's RAF buddy Dave and his wife Joyce came
Only a few of the geese at Naburn Lock.
to see us in the afternoon and we had an amble through the town. Dave had spent his early years there and gone to school. We did look for the school, but didn't find it!
The next day we went to see the Cathedral. Lovely building with lots of old artefacts. Dave and Joyce came back in the afternoon bringing more mail.

Selby swing bridge.
This time we took them for a short cruise, down through a couple of locks so they could see what it was all about! They had to walk back though! But we carried on.
We spent Thursday and Friday cruising back towards Naburn Lock, meeting up again with friends Dave and Jan on Yesdear. We were booked in at Naburn Lock to return to Selby at 4 to arrive on the turning tide.  So we had most of the day free.  We spent some time feeding the geese, there were so many of them and good to see so many grey lag geese instead of the usual Canada geese. We arrived at Selby on Saturday and are still here. It has been very hot as I am sure you well know! The plan is to move on tomorrow but some rain is forecast, so we will see.
Entrance to Selby Lock.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Stopping in York

The water of the Selby Canal was very clear but there was a lot of duck weed as you can see below. Thankfully this didn't cause us the same trouble as the blanket weed
on the Chesterfield Canal. However once we reached the basin it took us a while to
Much weed on the Selby Canal
moor as we had to clear the weed to get alongside. On Wednesday at about 5 pm we locked out on to the River Ouse. Traveling with the tide it only took us 3 hours to travel the 15 miles to Naburn! We spent 2 nights there as Paul needed to do some work on the engine. All being well we carried on on Friday arriving in York at lunch time. We made the most of our 48 hour mooring.
A sunny stroll through the walled city of York
 Took the open top bus round the city, twice! We learnt that the streets are called Gate. Gates in the wall are called Bars and bars are called pubs!
We also visited the Castle Museum, housed in the old women's prison. Also managed to see a show. Follies, which was very good.
We left York on Sunday morning just as Dragon Boat racing was about to start!

Many people enjoying the sunshine and the river.

One of the York Bars
Yesterday was an interesting day we reached Westwick Lock and there was a narrow boat stuck in the bottom of the lock. It's bow firmly wedged behind the gate. They asked us to let in water to bring them up but we were very concerned the boat was at an odd angle. Called Canal and River Trust. However something we did must have moved the boat and we were able to free them and we were all able to continue.  All this took about an hour! We moored and had lunch before anyone from Canal and River Trust arrived! Finally we moved off the river and we are now moored just outside of Ripon. We did a quick mooring yesterday just at the start of a thunderstorm!

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

On the way to York

We left Doncaster on Tuesday a week ago today. After a brief cruise we moored at Long Sandall Lock to have coffee. Very glad we did as following us was this big oil

Big boat, makes lock look small.

tanker. We were more than happy to watch it go through the lock and carry on ahead of us!
Not much commercial traffic on the waterway these days so it was good to see a ship in action.  We carried on that day for another 5 swing/lift bridges and one lock. Although along this stretch most are electrically operated so I just have to push a button! ? This took us off of the South Yorkshire Navigation and on to the
Guillotine gates either side of the aqueduct.

New Junction Canal. This picture is of the aqueduct near the start with the guillotine gates a either end to seal it. Thankfully these are left open.
This is only a short  canal, so Wednesday saw us join the Aire and Calder Navigation arriving at Goole later that day. Wednesday evening we had a totally unexpected visit from Adrian and Sarah. Some friends we made when we last visited Stafford Boat Club. They live in Leeds and had picked up from the blog that we were heading their way. So they drove over to see us. Hopefully we will see them again in the coming weeks as we will eventually head towards Leeds.
Waterways Museum at Goole
We spent a couple of pleasant days at Goole. The docks here are run by Associated British Ports and there are ships of all shapes and sizes! We also visited the Waterways Museum, very interesting, and I did some washing and was able to peg out!
We left Goole on Saturday making our way back on the Aire and Calder on past the point we joined it. This morning we have turned on to the Selby Canal, I will let you guess where that leads! Tomorrow we plan to head out of Selby Lock on to the River Ouse to York.