Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Moored by Hanbury

 After a lovely weekend with Lorraine and family we are back on board. Moving on from Tibberton we stopped at Dunhampstead last night. Luckily we seemed to miss storm Ophelia. It was very windy and we saw the red sun.
Today we have traveled a bit further, passing the
junction with the Droitwich Canal.  Lovely quiet mooring. Can just about see the lock ahead. The first of 6 we will be working through tomorrow.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Out of Worcester

Having travelled a few miles away from Worcester, on Saturday we decided we would turn and head back there for the weekend.

Leaving Worcester for the second time
Unfortunately not all went according to plan. When Paul went to start the engine nothing happened. So we called out River Canal Rescue for only the second time in 5+ years. It did take him 2 hours to arrive as the engineer came from near Banbury! He discovered that our starter battery was past its use by date! He did get us going, and after reversing about quarter of a mile back along the canal and backwards down a lock we were able to turn and continue on into Worcester.
Once there we met up with 
Offerton Flight of Locks
friends Anne and Chris. Chris works for a motor factor company and had got us a replacement battery at cost price 😀 Then he helped Paul to fit it. There was a bit of a panic when Paul said the battery had fallen in the canal. Anne and I thought that wasn't the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of it, only to find it was the new one that had gone in! Once again thanks to Chris who laid on the towpath and managed to grab the handles at the top of the battery and lift it out. Amazingly after a wipe off it worked!
Since then we have worked our way northwards and are now moored at Tibberton. Though at the moment we are in Marlow spending the weekend with Lorraine and family.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Into Worcester

Arriving at Gloucester Docks on Wednesday we stayed there a couple of nights before moving on to the River Severn and a longish trip to Upton on Severn on Thursday, a week ago now.  On the way we passed 4 barges which are used to transport gravel along the river. All named after fish. Perch, Chub, Pike and Elver.
Perch following us up the River
After spending just one night at Upton we moved on in the morning. We had seen the barges passing us during the morning. On their return down river we noticed how much lower in the water they were sitting. The water almost seeming to come over the sides. As we moved on Perch came up behind us! Unladen it seemed huge.
We were hoping to see her docking but we were too far ahead.
5 days after coming off the river we passed this
We spent a final night on the river on the rising pontoon just before the locks at Worcester. Spent a couple days looking round, shopping etc. We are now on the Worcester and Birmingham Canal, which as you may guess will eventually take us into Birmingham.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Sharpness at the Weekend

Left Paul making the coffee
Alison and Gill arrived safely on Friday. On Saturday after a damp start to the morning it soon cleared away and we had a lovely cruise to Sharpness. Behind us is the tower which used to house the steam engine that turned the turntable for the railway bridge which used to cross from England into Wales.
Old lock keepers cottage at Sharpness
Paul made coffee while we girls had a short walk. Then we all went for a walk around the headland. After lunch in the Dockers Club, went on to look at the new lock which is the one now in use to enable boats to pass from the River Severn onto the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal.
Paul on the stern with another Gill
Time then to head back to Shepherd's Patch. Gill stood at the stern with Paul.
Sunday was a quieter day. The 4 of us just having a stroll along the towpath as they were heading back in the afternoon.

Since then we have made our way back towards Gloucester. This picture was taken on the veranda outside Sainsburys.
If you can make it out we are the fourth boat.
Just a short cruise tomorrow will bring us back to Gloucester Docks.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Back on the water

Reedbed Barge
After a busy week away we returned to Falcon on Sunday. Monday after returning the hire car we left the marina, and after spending another night at Saul Junction, on Tuesday we headed back to Gloucester Docks. We had intended to spend 2 nights there but as the weather forecast for today was wet we left again on Wednesday afternoon. Passed this barge several times now planted out with reeds. There are several abandoned hull hulks along the canal. Last night we stayed again at Saul but this time on the North side of the junction.  Moving on this morning, the forecast was right and we did get wet, but not too bad! We are now moored at Shepherd's Patch. Near to Slimbridge Wetland Center and the Tudor Caravan Site. Tomorrow we hope to meet with Alison and Gill who are coming in their motor homes. The picture below is across from our mooring. Note the lovely sail boat, and the roller blind effect of the clouds!
Opposite tonight's mooring

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Saul Junction

After our very social day in Pershore the next day we moved on to Tewkesbury. The weather wasn't so good but Paul was well
Moored at Gloucester Docks
dressed and I took shelter in the cratch! Monday saw us down on to the Severn and into Gloucester Docks. Here we had more visitors on Tuesday when Alison and Beryl came to see us.  Beryl's first time on board and she was interested to see our home. Paul even managed a short spin around the dock. Wednesday and Thursday saw us moving on along the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal.
A very large work boat. We'd seen it the previous
 day working with towpath repairs!
We moored at Saul Junction for the night and watched the work boat turning just after.
Yesterday morning we moved into Saul Marina as we are now spending a week in Taunton with Alison.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

River Avon

We spent Bank Holiday Monday in Stratford but we went by train. Making the most of the lovely weather. After a walk around we got the ferry back across the river! A different way to travel!
So it was Tuesday before we traveled the last bit of canal to moor in Stratford.
Welford Lock on River Avon
 We dropped down on to the River on Wednesday afternoon, starting our trip down to Tewkesbury. On Thursday we arrived at Evesham with Thursday's job being a trip to the launderette.

The locks on the river are very large and some are different shapes. Being a river you don't have to close the gates on leaving the lock. Which in some ways makes it easier, but not if you are following a boat as you have to close the far gates before you can start to fill the locks and the gates are very big!

This was our view on Saturday morning
We spent Friday night at Cracombe Turn. This is what we woke to on Saturday morning. With a mist on the water it was beautiful. We made our way down to Pershore where we had arranged to meet up with friends Anne, Chris and Vicki. Later to be joined by John, who we used to work with, and his son Ben. They had been camping in Tewkesbury and came to join us. Thankfully the weather was lovely and we were able to use a picnic table. Today we have travelled to Tewkesbury in the rain!
Picnic with friends