Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Well yesterday saw us leave the Llangollen Canal, so we are now back on the Shropshire Union and heading towards Chester.  About 14 miles and 12 locks, so maybe a couple of days cruising.  However at the moment it is raining.  Odd how used we have got to having wall to wall sunshine.  Still for the time being we will stay put in hope it will clear up later! Have to get Paul to make one of his Famous coffee’s later, got to give him something to do if we are not cruisin’!  If you are passing, drop in! 

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Wednesday 24th July
Well we have successfully made the return trip over the Pontecysylite Aquaduct.  Yesterday we came on to the Montgomery Canal.  Only is short (7 mile) stretch of it is navigable and you have to book entrance through the locks in advance.  We came in yesterday and leave tomorrow.  So not seeing too many boats here.  It is a very peaceful setting much of the area given over to nature reserve.  Lots of mayfly and damsel flies, although we have yet to see a duck!  Lots of trees growing along the towpath edge so for much of the time it was like we were cruising in a green tunnel. 
Saturday 27th July

Well today I am posting two updates as one.  The Montgomery Canal was lovely, and still the weather is being good to us.  We did have rain one night, but can’t remember now which one that was.  We haven’t been able to get internet signal for a while, so I am just hoping that I will be able to post this once I have finished.  We have made a return trip to Ellsmere yesterday where we re-stocked in Tesco.  The supermarket is very close to the canal so that is handy.  We are now making our way back towards Wrenbury.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Side with towpath

Side with NO towpath
Well we have finally made it. Yesterday we came over the Pontcysyllte Aquaduct.  It was absolutely amazing.  On one side is the tow path with lots of people walking along.  The other side of the boat is just the edge of the trough, less than 6 inches of metal with the River Dee flowing way down below.  I did take some pictures but it really doesn’t do justice to it.  Have posted a couple from the phone.  Once we have done the return trip in a few days time we will download from the camera.  No way was I going out on the gunnels’ on that side of Falcon.  We are now spending a couple of nights in Llangollen.  Off on the steam train today, and Horseshoe Falls tomorrow.  Hope you like the pics.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Well our journey along the Llangollen is progressing.  So far we have travelled 28 miles and worked 19 locks and 3 lift bridges.  So plenty of variety.  The scenery is beautiful, although the canal is quite windy in some places, also shallow so we have been aground a few times, but so far not too stuck.  Last night we moored at Ellesmere.  Mostly the canal is quite remote from housing.  A few villages and several pubs.  I am writing this but not sure when I will get to post it as the internet is very elusive. We are enjoying the sunshine though, lots sunscreen and big hats!  Looking for shade when we moor up!  Getting excited now about finally getting to cruise the Pontcysyllte  Aquaduct over the River Dee.  This has been our ambition for many years.  All that far up with no tow path on one side, just the narrow width of the channel.Well hopefully I will be able to post this soon, so further updates will be a bit sporadic as it will be a while before we leave these rural pastures.  Will probably check out the Montgomery Canal too whilst we are passing.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Well this morning was time to move on from Nantwich.  We didn’t go far, just a couple of miles then we turned into the Llangollen Canal.  We came up the first set of 4 locks mooring shortly afterwards.  Managed to moor by some trees so have some much needed shade.  So here we have stayed for the rest of the day.  Paul has been painting one side of the hull, whilst I have been sat in the shade reading!!  He said painting was relaxing.  So was reading!!  I am sure the rest of our trip will be less relaxing as everyone tells us this is a busy canal with lots of hire boats.  So we shall see, and then let you know!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Well since Thursday we have been steadily pressing on.  Enjoying the glorious sunshine.  We have had 2 sets of five locks.  The Tyrley Locks leading us down into Market Drayton and then another set at Adderley.  As we have mostly been away from towns, just the occasional small village, so our phone and internet coverage has been a bit hit and miss.  Today we have descended 14 of the 15 locks at Audlem.  A very pretty village.  Went for a walk there earlier and had lunch in the Old Priest House.  We  had planned to travel a bit further today, to moor for the night in the same place we had stayed several years ago in a hire boat.   However that was a very open area so today we opted to stay here by the trees and enjoy the shade!  Not often you say that in England.  Just 3 more locks and we will be in Nantwich where we plan to stay for a couple of days.  

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Thursday 4th July

Well in the last few days we have left the Staff and Worcs Canal and are now on the Shropshire Union.  Although still in Staffordshire!.  The canal is very rural.  Lots of tress and fields.  Yesterday we went to a village called Brewood (said Brood).  Very pretty with some shops.  We visited the butcher and the baker!  So stocked up for a few days.  We are heading now towards Market Drayton.  Will probably get there tomorrow.  We are heading downhill now at the locks.  Not many along here the country side is fairly flat.  Can see for miles.  Well just a few lines today, we are about to stop for lunch. TTFN