Saturday, 1 December 2012

Well as we have now reached a new month I thought I had better write an update for here.  The idea of the blog was to keep you (all?) updated on where we are.  Well we are still in Leicester and will be until the New Year.  Currently we are in a marina, have been here 2 weeks tomorrow.  Came in on a spur of the moment decision as we didn’t know where we could get water.  Didn’t know so much was going to fall out of the sky!  Very lucky that we did, as although we are on a boat, the rain can have an adverse affect on us too. If we had stayed over in Birstall we could have ended up quite literally ON the towpath.  We are actually on the River Soar rather than the canal at the moment which means we are more affected by rainfall.  The water park around us had been flooded and at times we have had to paddle to get off our pontoon! 
At the moment the levels have dropped although there is still a lot of ground water about.  We probably could move on but as we will be in Plymouth over the Christmas we have decided this would be a good place to leave Falcon while we are away.  We are in a good position, with Asda not too far away and not far off a main bus route.  Also walking distance from a car hire firm so ideal, car is already booked!
Having had his bike test cancelled on the Wed (21st) Paul had a phone call about 10 on the Friday to say there was a cancellation at 2 that afternoon and did he want it.  So off he went on the bus in his bike gear and I am very happy to say he has now PASSED the final part of his test. ( A born again BIKER!)
Friday was a very hectic day as having passed his test Paul was picked up by Dave and Miggie, friends we have made at Yelvertoft, who brought him back to Falcon, then took us all to their boat at Yelvertoft where we all had tea before going out in the evening to watch Les Miserables.  This was a school performance which was excellent.  Lead was played by Mathew, son of Barry, both of whom are friends from Yelvertoft.  Dave and Miggie later brought us back to Falcon.  A very big thank you to them, especially as they thought we were going to be at South Wigston which would have been much closer.
So this will probably be all until January when I will let you know when we are moving on.  Richard is home for Christmas and we will be taking him to Lorraine in the New Year.  Really looking forward to us all being together.  The last time was at Lorraine’s wedding.
So to all you readers.  Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Love from us both xx.