Thursday, 19 December 2013

Well we are now safely moored where Falcon will be staying whilst we are away.  The hire car is there ready for us to head out tomorrow.  The presents are wrapped and the bags are packed so just about ready to go.  It will be mid February before we will be back on board. After visiting Lorraine and family we are off to Plymouth for fun and festivities, then a trip to see my cousin Carole in Bristol in January as we take Richard to the airport for his flight back.  Then on 10th January we will be in Southampton to board a really big boat.  The Queen Elizabeth as we are going on a 27 night cruise to San Francisco.  Via New York and the Panama Canal.  With various other stop offs along the way.  So it will be well into February before we will be back on board Falcon and I will be blogging here.

So until then we both wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Did our shopping in Leighton Buzzard, also some washing.  Then we had a couple of nights in Fenny Stratford.  Found Ikea and Asda just a 20 minuet bike ride from the canal.  So we have had some exercise!  Left there this morning, got water and did one shallow lock.  Not long after it started to rain so we decided to moor for the night and it wasn’t even 1 o’clock!  Have started wrapping up Christmas presents as it’s not long now. Friday we head off to Stanstead Airport to pick up Richard.  Then we spend a couple of nights with Lorraine and family before heading off to Plymouth until the New Year.  Getting excited now!!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Cottage at Ivinghoe Lock built the year my Dad was born
Duck there's a bridge..... what duck I can't see a duck
Well we seem to be in the routine of 3 locks per day.  Along with 2 or three miles, just enough to get our batteries back up.  Yesterday was lovely and sunny and the locks were full, which as we are travelling downhill is just the way we want them.  Today however all three were empty.  Just means it takes a bit longer as we have to wait for them to fill.  These are big locks too, room for 2 boats but there doesn’t seem to be anyone to share with at the moment!  We did see one moving boat today, but that was after we had moored.  The pictures are from yesterday as we were going down through Ivinghoe Locks.  Took a picture of the cottage as it was built in the same year my Dad was born.  The locks are older though with dates around the 1870’s.  Shopping in Leighton Buzzard tomorrow.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Well all went according to plan and we went into Cowroast Marina for the night on Wednesday.  Whilst there we were able to make use of their facilities.  Namely the laundry and the pump out!  Both very necessary.  We also got diesel and gas so are well stocked!  Even though the bank balance is somewhat depleted.  We just stayed the one night so Thursday saw us heading out northward.  We are now making our way down (that’s the way the locks go) towards Cosgrove.  The other way took us a week but this way we need to make it last about ten days to get us to our mooring at the right time.  We need to run the engine for a couple of hours each day to keep the batteries topped up and it is much pleasanter to run them when cruising rather than sitting moored with the engine running.  If the sun is out the solar panels top us up, even at this time of year.  However the grey dull weather we have had for a couple of days doesn’t give us anything.  Currently we are moored near Ivinghoe and the sun is shining.  Just about to have coffee before moving on.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

At Marsworth Junction looking towards the Aylesbury Arm
Continuing our way back up the Aylesbury Arm we came out on to the main Grand Union on Sunday.  We had planned to spend an extra day splitting the last 4 locks into 2 days, but when we went to moor once again the water was a bit low, so we decided to carry on to make the final short length on to the main channel.  Spending the night at Marsworth Junction we came up seven locks yesterday and are now moored at Tring which is the summit for this part of the canal.  We are also back to the double locks, Aylesbury is single ones.  Our plan is to go as far as Cowroast (yes there is really a place called that) which is just a few miles further along.  We hope to overnight in the marina there and then start heading north again probably on Thursday.

At Marsworth working out which way to go!