Monday, 29 August 2016

Not Afloat

Richard, Ann, Paul, Jill and Ruth

Well it's been a while since I've put any news on here. If you are connected to Paul's Facebook page then you will know what we have been up to. If not then here is the news in brief!
We got Falcon safely into The Paint Shed at Uplands Marina, very close to the Anderton Boat Lift. Leaving her at the end of July we headed off to Plymouth where we saw as many friends as we could. Thankfully the removal of my wisdom tooth went OK. I was put out and don't remember a thing 😀
On 10th August we flew out to Poland to spend sometime with our son Richard. We had a week in an apartment in the centre of Wroclaw with him and Ruth and Ann. Then we moved into an Hotel for another 3 nights where we were joined by Dave, Lisa and Phil. Then finally we came with Richard to his flat to stay. And we are still here!
Lisa and Phil with a beer tastet

Dave in Butchers Row

At the lake!
We did go away for the weekend to a place called Rokitki. Out in the countryside. Lovely scenery and swimming in the lake on Saturday.
Tomorrow we are flying back to England. To Liverpool, where we will be met by my cousin Dawn and we will be staying with them until the repaint of Falcon is complete.
By then I expect Richard will be glad of some quiet and to get back in his own bed.
So mid September before we are likely to be Afloat again.