Monday, 31 October 2016

Shropshire Union Canal

Getting supplies
Friday saw us finally saying goodbye to the Llangollen Canal. We came down the last 4 locks about 4 o'clock with the lock keepers help. He told us it was his last day for the season as we are now on the winter timetable. This is when Canal and River Trust lay off all their casual summer staff. It also is the start of winter stoppages, so we must keep and eye to make sure there are no changes.
Saturday after just a short cruise we arrived at Nantwich. Time to restock the larder. Wanting to be sure of TV for Strictly we decided to stay put for the night. The Canal at Nantwich is up on an embankment and we had noticed the fairground behind the trees opposite. We thought about moving but didn't. Glad we stayed as we were treated to a lovely firework display outside our window and all was quiet by 9.30.
Yesterday we came across the fuel boat and you can see him taking the coal to put on our roof. We also needed gas, so certainly very good timing for us.
Last night was spent at the bottom of Audlem Locks, there are 15. Today as we were working up several people were walking by. One couple commented about our Falcon and we chatted. They were Alan and Kathy and they helped us with at least 6 locks. In return when we moored just after lock 3 for lunch we asked them to join us.
I think we all enjoyed the short interlude. For us they were a big help. For them they had an insight into boating life. A retired couple who enjoy walking along the Canal.
Canal watchers, known as Gongoozlers.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Return to Ellesmere

We crossed the aqueduct on Thursday, spending the night at Trevor we cruised the last bit into Llangollen on Friday. Spending the day there and walking to Horseshoe Falls. The last stretch of Canal is interesting as much of it is only wide enough

Crossing the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct
for one boat to pass so you need to walk ahead to check. Luckily Craig volunteered for most of that! 
Wharf at Ellesmere
Making it safely back to Chirk on Sunday Craig got the train home at the end of his holiday.

Yesterday we arrived back at Ellesmere. Spending today at the launderette and stocking the larder! Oh yes it's market day so will have a look round there.
Which way to go?

Tomorrow we will be moving on back towards Hurleston Junction. Need to keep going as there are several stoppages on the Llangollen Canal in early November and we need to be moving southward.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Three on a boat!
We were busy last week making our way to Whitchurch, 19 locks, 3 lift bridges and 13 miles from the start of the Llangollen Canal. We had to get there by Wednesday as unfortunately we were going to Taunton for the funeral of Paul's Auntie Peggy. She reached the good age of 93. We came back on Sunday with Paul's brother Craig who is spending a week with us. We are hoping to make it into Llangollen with him. Only 2 more lock in this stretch but several more lift bridges. Bye for now.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Arriving on the Llangollen Canal

View from our stern this morning.
Well another week has gone. We arrived in Chester on Monday. Plenty of mooring so we winded to be facing ready for our return. Had a walk around the city. Remembered a nice cafe we had been to a couple of years ago, but when we got there it had closed down. The mooring was 48 hors, so Wednesday saw us starting out on our return trip.  11 locks to come back up from Chester with the 2 at Banbury being a staircase. On our return trip there were a couple of volunteer lock keepers on duty. Yesterday we stopped near Calveley where we had been told about a cafe. This one was open and we had a lovely all day breakfast. Tried out the TV and having good reception we stayed put. Strictly is a must on Saturday. Today we moved on and up 4 locks and we are now on the Llangollen Canal.
Tonight's view

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Reaching Tiverton

The one in Cheshire!
We stayed in Middlewhich until Thursday. Although the Middlewhich Branch of the Shropshire Union Canal is only a short length it is a busy Canal. Always something going on. We had an overnight stop so we could go into Aqueduct Marina to catch up with some washing. On the way we saw a lot of oil on the Canal, stretching for some distance. We were going to ring Canal and River Trust, but they already knew as we talked to a couple of guys who had come to check it out. The next day we had an email to say the length we had cruised on Thursday was now closed, so we were through just in time. Friday saw us turning out on to the main Shropshire Union Canal. Heading north for Chester. As it rained all day yesterday we lit the fire and stayed put.
So today we have traveled 6 miles and 6 locks, a long day for us! We did go for a walk at lunch time and just had to take a picture to show we were in Tiverton.