Saturday, 1 December 2012

Well as we have now reached a new month I thought I had better write an update for here.  The idea of the blog was to keep you (all?) updated on where we are.  Well we are still in Leicester and will be until the New Year.  Currently we are in a marina, have been here 2 weeks tomorrow.  Came in on a spur of the moment decision as we didn’t know where we could get water.  Didn’t know so much was going to fall out of the sky!  Very lucky that we did, as although we are on a boat, the rain can have an adverse affect on us too. If we had stayed over in Birstall we could have ended up quite literally ON the towpath.  We are actually on the River Soar rather than the canal at the moment which means we are more affected by rainfall.  The water park around us had been flooded and at times we have had to paddle to get off our pontoon! 
At the moment the levels have dropped although there is still a lot of ground water about.  We probably could move on but as we will be in Plymouth over the Christmas we have decided this would be a good place to leave Falcon while we are away.  We are in a good position, with Asda not too far away and not far off a main bus route.  Also walking distance from a car hire firm so ideal, car is already booked!
Having had his bike test cancelled on the Wed (21st) Paul had a phone call about 10 on the Friday to say there was a cancellation at 2 that afternoon and did he want it.  So off he went on the bus in his bike gear and I am very happy to say he has now PASSED the final part of his test. ( A born again BIKER!)
Friday was a very hectic day as having passed his test Paul was picked up by Dave and Miggie, friends we have made at Yelvertoft, who brought him back to Falcon, then took us all to their boat at Yelvertoft where we all had tea before going out in the evening to watch Les Miserables.  This was a school performance which was excellent.  Lead was played by Mathew, son of Barry, both of whom are friends from Yelvertoft.  Dave and Miggie later brought us back to Falcon.  A very big thank you to them, especially as they thought we were going to be at South Wigston which would have been much closer.
So this will probably be all until January when I will let you know when we are moving on.  Richard is home for Christmas and we will be taking him to Lorraine in the New Year.  Really looking forward to us all being together.  The last time was at Lorraine’s wedding.
So to all you readers.  Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Love from us both xx.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

We were moored here where you can see the geese for 3 nights leaving on Sunday, We had to step up over a foot to get off the boat.  Paul took this photo this afternoon.  So glad we moved into the marina.

This is Birstall Lock, to think we came through here on Thursday,
just less than a week ago.

Saw Dave and Joan again on Sunday when they took us shopping at Tesco and then took Paul to the bike school to pick up a bike.  A mild panic when Paul lost his documents, but fortunately, Dave found them next to where the car had been parked.  Huge sigh of relief as this was his licence and pass certificates that he has so far completed.  Phew, thank you Dave.
So after a day of training and a day out on the bike yesterday practising and getting used to the bike.  Test was due at 14.05 this afternoon.  Unfortunately there was so much rain this morning that his test was cancelled due to the amount of surface water around.  So at the moment we are not too sure what we are doing next.  One thing for sure we won’t be going very far as the river is now in flood.  The rain stopped about 3 so we went for a walk and the tow path that we were moored on for several days is now under water, by about a foot. That has meant that the river has risen about 2 and a half foot since we left there on Sunday.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Proof that we are on the Leicester line of the Grand Union
Life here is good, but the nieghbours are so nosy!

Well another week has gone quickly by.  We were quite settled at Yelvertoft and didn't manage to prise ourselves away until Thursday.  Whilst we were at Yelvertoft Paul had fitted a new tap to the kitchen sink as the original one was leaking.   Barry, a friend and neighbour, had taken Paul into Daventry to buy the new tap.  Well 2 days along the canal the new tap was leaking.  Worse than the old one!  So we made some calls, looked at the map then I set off on my bicycle into Market Harborough to change the tap!  About 5 miles away.  Also had to get a 3kg bag of grout and some shopping! Well I felt very proud of myself when I got back, even if I did push the bike the last bit which was steady up hill!  Thankfully the replacement tap was fine so we are now leak free!!Still heading northwards we stopped to visit the Wistow Rural Centre.  Lovely little place gift shops, garden centre, deli and cafe.  We had lunch there and before we left Gok Wan came in and ordered food!  So you could say we had lunch with the rich and famous!Our plan was to stop at South Wigston which is south of Leicester for Paul to continue with his motor bike training.  However when we looked on the internet the bike school was to the north of Leicester, almost 2 hours away by bus!  So an instant change of plan we decided to carry on a further 10 miles and 13 locks.  We managed that in a day and a half which included a quick stop in Leicester town centre to get some shopping.  Mind you Thursday was an early start, we were on the move by half past eight.  Thankfully though it remained dry for us which was a good help. So now we are moored at Birstall.  An old flying buddy of Paul's lives in Birstall now, so we caught up with them yesterday.  Dave and Joan came on board to see us, then later on we all went out for an Indian Meal.  Very good it was too. We will see them again tomorrow when they have kindly offered to take us to Tesco.  Can't refuse a good offer like that.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Well it has been a while since I last posted anything here. Last time I wrote we were at Fenny Compton, well we ended up staying there longer than intended as Paul had a 'bout of gout'! Not very pleasant as he was in quite a lot of pain and not able to walk very well. Which meant I had to do tasks like filling the coal bucket and fetching the newspaper! It also meant he couldn't stand for long at the tiller and steer the boat. I did offer but I think the thought of that gave him more pain than he was getting from his foot!! Any way we finally were on the move again and a couple of days saw us back at Braunston. From there we had intended to get the bus into Daventry for shopping in Tesco and Aldi. However Paul still wasn't able to walk very far and I don't think I could have carried all the shopping we needed. So ended up on line with Tesco as we were headed for Yelvertoft Marina, where we started out from.. So that is where we are now. We arrived on Friday and happily our shopping arrived on Saturday! Last night was a Halloween Party here held in the marquee. It was an excellent evening, some good costumes, good food and company. We will be staying here now for a few days catching up with friends that we made when we were first on board.
Next stop Leicester way, so until then bye bye.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Well another week has wizzed by.  We spent a lovely day on Saturday with Dave and Kathy on board.  The weather was lovely and we had a short trip under the lift bridge and through the lock before winding and coming back through the lock and under the lift bridge!!  Mooring again in the heart of Banbury.  It’s lovely there everything is so handy.  Enjoyed some retail therapy!!  Though much of that took place in Tesco and Aldi!  We have now moved on to Fenny Compton.  Have been here 2 nights already and will stay again tonight.  Attraction here is the good phone and tv signal and also the laundrette at the back of the pub.  Oh yes and the pub of course.  Good food and good ale to be had there.  Weather not so good today, damp and drizzley, but with the fire lit we are lovely and cosy. 
So you all take care, bye for now. J & P

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Well we have just spent 2 lovely autumnal days cruising north on the Oxford Canal.  The sun has been shining and the sky has been blue.  The leaves on the trees are starting to turn now and the colours are amazing.  At least the weather had been amazing, oh did I mention it was very windy.  No problem for me but a bit different for Paul at the tiller!  Then we reached Banbury going through the lock, about 200 yards from where we were hoping to moor when the heavens opened.  Still its only water!! Will be staying here a Banbury for a couple of days hoping that Kathy and Dave from Plymouth will be stopping to see us on their homeward trip from Barrow.
So until next time.  Bye for now.

Monday, 15 October 2012

We thought having arrived at Aynho we would go and explore the village about a mile and a half from the canal all up hill.  So set off cycling along the towpath.  Paul seems to think that you will all be interested to know that I fell off my bike.  Think he is just annoyed that he didn’t see it happening, just looked up to see my bike on the towpath but no sign of me!  I was fully expecting to land with a splash, but thankfully it was with a soft thud in a reed bed.  Couldn’t get up though so had to wait for Paul to reach me and pull! That was last Tuesday, so nearly a week ago now.  Have a lovely bruise on my leg!  Finally made to Oxford on Thursday.  We were moored a bit out of the town so Friday morning found us back on our bikes to cycle in to the town.  Having looked around we decided to move to the end of the Oxford Canal.  To do this we had to go through Isis Lock in order to turn, cruise back through the lock, then Paul had to travel for about a quarter of a mile in reverse!  That was very, hummm, interesting!  Not helped by the wind.  But we made it safely.  On Saturday Julie came to see us. A friend who we have know since we lived in Abingdon about 37 years ago.  It was lovely to catch up on all our news.  Sunday morning we left Oxford and are now heading north again.  Heading now for Banbury and the laundrette.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Spent a very nice weekend in Banbury.  The canal passes virtually through the centre of the town.  Our first night we were moored literally at the doors to a big shopping mall.  We had to move on then as spaces were booked for Sunday’s Canal Day.  We didn’t have far to go though just one lift bridge, my first, and a lock before we were able to moor again.  We were then surprised to see quite a queue building for the lock.  Seems one of the gates was jammed.  Nothing to do with us, other boats had been through.  Eventually a windlass and a chimney were removed and service was restored!  Amazing what some people loose! It was very busy on Sunday.  The weather was good so I suppose that bought a lot of people out.  We are moving on today towards Oxford.  Weather not so good.  A bit drizzly but we are pressing on.  Just approaching our 4th lock which will be the last one for today.  Mooring for the night at Aynho.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Well another week has gone by and in that time we have been to Calcutt, Napton, Fenny Compton, where we spent 2 nights, Clayton and Cropredy.  I have worked more than 20 locks, Paul has the number in his log!  We are now heading towards Banbury, there is a canal day there on Sunday so we are hoping we will be able to moor there and stay for that.  At least to moor for shopping as the fridge is looking very bare at the moment.  Got wine and beer tho’ so all is not lost.  The Oxford Canal is very different from the Grand Union.  Very rural and bendy.  Quite narrow in places.  The locks too are different.  No longer 2 boats wide.  Therefore you think they would be easier to work, not a bit.  The paddles are hard to move and the top gates stiff to get going.  Still the plus side is I should be working off some calories! Some hopes!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

We are spending a couple of days moored here while Paul is doing some remedial work to the hull.  Where is here?  Well not too sure really, we are sort of between places.  A couple of days ago we came up through the flight of 10 locks at Stockton.  Luckily paired with another boat, so that even with topping up with water, we did the lot in about 2 hours.  In the dry too!  Weather has been a bit mixed lately with some heavy rain.  However if it’s raining we just stay where we are and light the fire! Today is lovely and sunny, blue sky and birds singing.  Time to do some washing!!  Not so straight forward as for you guys, firstly we have to ensure we have enough water and check where the next water point is!  Especially important as we are staying put for a couple of days.  Then we need to run the engine to ensure that we have enough power.
Think we will be moving on tomorrow though which will be 3 locks at Calcutt then on to the junction with the Oxford Canal (we are on the Grand Union at present) where we will head south, or turn right!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Well a while since I have posted.  We had a very hectic week back in Plymouth and managed to catch up with most people.  Been back on Falcon since Monday, but so far not travelled very far.  So now we are back at Leamington Spa gradually heading back the way we came and on to the Oxford Canal.  We will be taking our time as Paul is hoping to paint the other side of our hull so heading back to where he did the first side!  Next stop farm shop for some lovely duck eggs and probably a few other bits.  The good thing about retracing steps is we know where all the good stopping places are.  Lovely sunny day today though with the chill of autumn in the air, but making the most of it. 
So until next time TTFN

Friday, 7 September 2012

Well the last few days have been spent retracing our route of the previous week, so back down the 5 Knowle locks.  This time we were lucky to pair with a boat with a couple who were very enthusiastic and we made the bottom in record time.  For us at least! Then Wednesday found us back at Hatton for the 21 locks there.  Again we were lucky to pair with another boat.  It still took us 4 hours, was very glad to reach the bottom.  We moored in the first spot, had a late lunch and stayed there for the night. 
So now we are back in the Saltisford Arm near Warwick.  Paul has picked up a hire car and we are off to Plymouth for a week.  Via Medmenham to see Lorraine and family.  Falcon will stay here, but she has plenty of other boats for company.
So bye for now, be back in a week or two.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Well can’t believe that it is September already.  We haven’t travelled very far since my last post.  We have come up 5 locks to Knowle, which is now just a short bike ride away.  We are just 13 miles from the heart of Birmingham.  However looking outside we could be in the middle of nowhere.  Although the occasional plane taking off in the distance is a bit of a clue that we are close to civilisation!  Tomorrow we will be turning and making our way back towards Warwick.  Forecast is good for tomorrow so we have our fingers crossed.  We had a lovely day yesterday and spent much of the afternoon sat out on the tow path.  Paul sanding wood (from the base of our bed) and me crocheting.  Something I hope will be good enough to go in our porthole.
Well I wrote this yesterday, but ran out of power before I could post it.  So once again we are on the move.  Just heading toward the M42.  To pass underneath of course before winding and heading back.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Well Ann and Ruth arrived safe and sound. Bringing Devon cream tea complete with homemade strawberry jam.  Also home grown runner beans.  Visitors like that are always welcome!  We spent a lovely couple of days not going very far!  Saturday found us meandering around Warwick.  Then Sunday we made our way back towards Royal Leamington Spa.  Just 2 locks and a couple of miles.  Monday we had more visitors, but just for the day.  Sheree with Leanne, Thomas and Isobel.  It was lovely to see them all.  The children were good as gold.  Loved feeding the ducks, though unfortunately the baby ducklings didn’t arrive until after they had gone. 
Yesterday was a busy day for us.  Started out by dropping Ruth and Ann back with the car.  We did cheer as they left but I am sure they knew we were joking.  The rest of our day was then taken up with the 21 locks of the Hatton Flight.  Quite a day.  No boat to pair with, although we did do a swop for a couple of locks with me at the tiller.  Near the top there was a lock keeper and I was really glad of his help with the last couple. 
Today is wet, so Paul has lit the fire and we are having a lazy day being lovely and snug.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Well yet again a whole week has gone by really quickly and our plans have changed.  We found the Saltisford Arm, an old disused part of canal which has been taken on by a charity and reopened.  We came here last Saturday to do some laundry and have decided to stay here a week!  The mooring is in Warwick, within walking distance of the town centre, with Sainsbury just down the road.  Have taken the opportunity of electric hook up and quiet waters to do some work on the boat.  Paul has been busy making a top box for storage on the roof and I have polished one side of the boat.  Tonight Ruth and Ann arrive to stay for a few nights and Ruth can park her car here whilst we cruise off for the weekend.  Forecast isn’t good but we have our fingers crossed.  Especially as Sheree & Leanne along with Thomas & Isobel will also be visiting one of the days.  So we really will be a boatful!  It will be very good to see familiar faces, although every day we are making new friends, however these are just in passing, although it often is a small world and no doubt we shall ‘bump’ into some again on our travels.
Well I must be off to Sainsbury to stock up.  Talk to you all again soon x

Friday, 17 August 2012

Well again it has been nearly a week and once again the time has gone really quickly.  We have descended through 2 flights of locks of about 10 locks each.  Thankfully each time we have been paired with another boat which always helps to make life easier in the double locks.  Doubly thankful on the second set as almost every lock was set against us so we had to fill them before we could enter.  We have been descending to an aqueduct over the River Avon.  For the time we are avoiding cruising the rivers in case of further flooding, however it was good to look over the side and see the Avon which somehow seems to provide a link with the south west even though we are going the other way.  We stopped overnight to visit Leamington Spa.  A very pretty town, not unlike Bath.  With lots of flowers everywhere.  In the park and also in hanging baskets and window boxes all through the town.  Have just moved a couple of miles today which has brought us to Warwick.  Think we are about half a mile to the town, so will be exploring there next.  We have visited the castle before but a good few years ago so can’t remember much, if anything.  We will then be building ourselves up for Hatton.  Climbing back up the distance we have come down.  That is a flight of 20 lock, all of which will have to be done in one day as they are too close together to moor overnight in between!  Will need 3 shredded wheat that morning!
Meanwhile Paul has been busy and has painted one side of the hull, that black bit above the water line!  So we look quite smart on one side.  Waiting now for the towpath to change over so he can paint the other side!  Also he has decided to make a wooden box for the roof.  So yesterday saw us toiling back along the towpath carrying 4 decking planks of nearly 4M long.  We must have looked frail as 2 lads on bikes stopped and carried them for us.  I was only too grateful as I was finding it very hard going and we had to keep stopping!!  It’s a pity that good deeds aren’t newsworthy.
Well I expect my next update will be after the Hatton Locks.
So until then bye to you all x

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Well we made it safely to Braunston on Friday.  So yesterday we got the bus into Daventry so we could stock up!  We are now moving off again, this time towards Leamington Spa.  Still on the Grand Union, but an area that is new to us.  Some pictures too taken by Sharron last week.
Just a quick note as I am off now to be in the sun.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Written on Saturday 4th August
Well this time more than a week since my last post, and we are away from Falcon at staying Mablethorpe over on the east coast.  Friends Tony and Sharron picked us up on Thursday and we are off to a 60th birthday bbq of a mutual friend this afternoon. 
Meanwhile we had been making our way back to Yelvertoft where we started out from in May.  Been off on our bikes a couple of times.  Cycled into Milton Keynes and Fenny Stratford.  Had help up through the Buckby flight from Barry and son Matthew who were a great help with the lock gates.  Despite recent rain the water was very low in one of the pounds (area of water between locks) and we were actually aground for a while and had to let through a lock full of water to get ourselves moving again.  It was Barry who filmed us leaving Yelvertoft at the beginning of our adventure.
So now Falcon is moored back at Yelvertoft, but this time not in the marina but out on the canal where she will be until we are back on board on Monday.  Then we will be making our way back towards Braunston once again!
Written today Tuesday 7th August
Had a lovely weekend in Mablethorpe.  Lovely to see friends and walk along the sea front.  Laughed lots all through the weekend.  We are now safely back on board Falcon and were hoping Sharron and Tony would stay with us for a few days, but Tony couldn’t find his sea legs.  So we said to make sure he packs them next time!  We will be moving on tomorrow when it will be back to Braunston and beyond.
So bye for now.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Didn’t realise it had been a whole week since I last wrote.  Time goes too quickly.  Came safely through the flight at Stoke Bruerne seven locks in all.  We paired with a young couple on a 20 ft boat, ours is 57, who were taking the boat to London to live on whilst at university there. With the double locks it is always good to be with another boat, not only because I get help with the gates, but the boat doesn’t move around so much within the lock.  Especially when going uphill where you are letting the water in!
We spent last weekend at Cosgrove where there was a canal festival.  We wandered round looking at boats and stalls on the Saturday, but Sunday spent pottering around on the boat and enjoying the weather.  Paul is still finishing making boxes and various other jobs making our own mark on Falcon.
Since then we have been cruising through Milton Keynes.  Much nicer than it sounds as the area around the canal is very rural with lots of parks and good cycle ways.  We have been out on our bikes a couple of times now.  It’s quicker than cruising!  Also the area around here is fairly flat!  Not a bit like Devon! 
We went as far as Fenny Stratford, a fair distance with only 2 locks.  Also the weather has been fantastic.  Not tempted to swim in the canal though however hot it gets!  At Fenny Stratford we turned so are now on our way back, heading north.  Last night we met a childhood friend of mine who lives not far from where we are now moored.  We do have a very ‘loose’ plan, our aim is to be somewhere not too far from Bromsgrove in August when hopefully we will see Sheree.  For those who don’t know a very good friend from Plymouth.
Well it’s almost time to cast off, no I am not knitting, so until next time
 Ahoy me ‘arties.

Friday, 20 July 2012

After 5 nights at Weedon we were beginning to feel at home.  Found the village, did some shopping, then yesterday we got the bus into Northampton.  Only 12 miles but it took almost an hour.  Thank fully Paul used his bus pass so it was only me who had to pay £6.10 fare!  We had a good look round the town, including lunch,  a look at the canal for future reference and shopping in Sainsbury’s before catching the bus back.  Today we are again on the move, literally as I write.  Travelling along the Grand Union heading for Cosgrove where there is a canal festival this weekend.   Before that we stop at Gayton to fill the water tank, and empty the other one.  I will let you imagine what that holds!  Then it’s through Blisworth Tunnel and a flight of locks at Stoke Bruerne.  So a busy day ahead!
It’s very rural where we are passing, just bird song and the chug of our engine.  There is a moorhen on the canal just beside us and we have seen several herons this morning. 
Well now I have made you all jealous I will sign off until next time.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Well is has been a while, I really don't know where the times goes!  We finally left Braunston on Thursday.  Cupboard looking good, and we now have 2 windows at the bow of the boat with a table which either clips up behind the windows or drops down into the cratch.  So all very posh!  Paul has painted it but will do some decoration when he has the time.  Leaving Braunston meant 6 locks and a tunnel.  We were very lucky with the weather and the 6 locks took one hour twenty minutes.  Good going.  We were paired with another boat, that helps, also it was fairly busy so some locks were ready for us to go straight in and others we were able to leave open ready for the next boat.  Which all makes life that bit easier. 
So now we are moored near a village called Weedon.  Just ahead of us is the Pub where we stayed when we came up and found Falcon.  Haven't been there tho as we have a problem with electrics/fridge,  not sure which, have an electrician visiting tomorrow.  So have had to eat up lots of food from the fridge!
Not been any where today, it gets busy on the canal at the weekends!  We’ve been busy though.  Helped Paul get everything out of the bow locker which is where the gas bottles go.  He then managed to squeeze himself in there to clean it out and treat the rust.  Hoping for dry weather tomorrow, so he can paint inside.   It  means that while he is working we have no gas, so not even a cuppa!
Well wrote that yesterday, so we are still at Weedon and hopefully the electrics are now working properly.  May stay here a few days yet.
So that is the latest from us.  You all take care.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Well I can hardly believe that it is over a week since our last post.  The days seem to pass so quickly.  Suffice to say this is a very social way of life, with much time spent meeting and talking with new friends.  We are still at Braunston, or maybe I should say back as we went to Napton for the weekend.  A little more than 2 hours by boat, but about 20 minutes in the car.  There is a very nice pub at Napton called The Folly.  It is right on the canal by a lock.  They were hosting ‘Folk on the Water’ for the weekend.  With many different artist singing live in the pub.  All in the aid of charity, so we felt it to be our duty to spend much time in the pub supporting good causes!
We did have a walk around the village too.  For some reason in an area which is mainly flat there is a hill there with a windmill on the top.  So we walked up and the view from there was amazing, very far reaching.  Not at all like Devon! 
As you can probably tell we are having a really good time, but missing friends from home too.  Thank  you for emails which we have had with news from home.  All are much appreciated and will get answered at some point.  Here we have no phone signal but the internet it strong.  At Napton it was the opposite!
Well cupboard is fitted, just some finishing to do, so by next update we should be on the move.  So until then, bye from us both.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Well a week later and we are still at Braunston.  Apart from trips to the water point and a short cruise with friends David and Joan we haven’t been anywhere.  At least anywhere by boat.  Thursday saw us on the bus to Daventry!  Paul used his bus pass for the first time outside of Plymouth!  There is a largeish Tesco there right in the town centre.  So as well as a weekly shop we also bought planters, plants and soil so we now have a little garden on our roof!  Very glad though that we didn’t have far to walk from the bus stop!!
The weekend found us moored in the middle of an historic boat rally.  One reason why we were quite happy to stay here!  We were close to their winding (pronounced as in that which blows), or turning point, so sat on the bank with a coffee watching the parade go by. 
The roof leak has been mended, the engine has been serviced so lots has been happening even if we haven’t been travelling.  The carpenter is now making us a cupboard and a table for the cratch (bow (front))!  So it will be a few more days before we finally move on.
We are thinking then we may head south on the Grand Union towards Milton Keynes!  No roundabouts on the canal!  An area where we have been before, but not for many years.
So until the next update, bye for now.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Film of
Falcon leaving Yelvertoft Marina

Saturday about 5 pm found us casting off and heading out of the marina which has been our home for the past three and a half weeks.  Finally we are out on the waterways.  Falcon is now our main form of transport, with 2 bicycles when I can be brave, or foolish, enough to get on mine!! On through Crick Tunnel before mooring for the night. 
Yesterday was a busy day, First off was Watford locks.  7 in total, some of which are in the form of a staircase (google it if you don’t know!).  We were met at the locks by Barry and son Mathew, our neighbours from the marina, who had come to help us.  Think they were really making sure we were going!!  Norton Junction then took us from the Leicester arm of the Grand Union Canal on to the main canal. 
The flight of 6 locks at Braunston found us paired with a couple from America for 4 of them, along with the volunteer lock keeper the afternoon soon passed.  They took several pictures of us!  Fame at last!! 
So now we are moored at Braunston and the carpenter is working on our roof as I write.  We are hoping that he takes his time as there is an historic boat rally here at the weekend and we would be very happy to stay here and watch the boats.
So that is our latest for now, will catch up again soon.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hello everyone.  Well we have been here about a week now, although it seems much longer!  The marina let us put our tent up so we could empty the hire van and return it.  We had a couple of days then to get everything out of the tent and on board.  Including the tent!  Well even the boot of the car is empty now, although we have brought new meaning to the word narrow boat!  Paul is currently sawing wood to adapt the base of the bed to make the access to the storage area easier, so along with everything else we now have a mattress and a large piece of ply to move around!  That said we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves and loving every minute. Making new friends daily.  But not forgetting any of the friends we have left behind.

We have yet to go anywhere by boat, but cruising at the moment would be a bit difficult with all the bits we have yet to find homes for.  We will be here until about the 17/18June, then we go to Braunston, half hour by car, day and a bit by canal!  Where we will be for about a week while we have some work done to the roof.  We discovered a leak!  Still it is in the roof so at least we are not sinking!!  Then its off on the open canal!
Take care all who read this and bye for now.