Monday, 26 October 2015

Reaching the last lock.

On Saturday we cruised as far as Marsh Lock. This is where the River Weaver joins the Manchester Ship Canal. Mooring for lunch we found TV was good so both of us happy with rugby and Strictly. We decided to stay there Sunday night too.
Marsh Lock Monday morning with sunshine.

We left there this morning with just a short cruise to Sutton Swing Bridge where there are moorings.  We walked into Frodsham. A busy road along the A533. Took us about half hour but found lots more there than we were expecting. Some lovely old buildings including the pub, The Bears Paw, where we had lunch.  Saw this phone box with letter box and at one time there had been stamp machines too.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Heading for Runcorn again

Spent Sunday night at Winsford and were surprised to find a sizable shopping centre at the top of the hill. All we bought tho was coffee and cake! After lunch we started making our way back down the Weaver which leads to Runcorn. Last time we went there we were on the Bridgewater Canal. So this time we will be in a different area. Hoping for tv tomorrow for rugby and of course Strictly!
Passing Anderson Lift yesterday

Getting water this morning at Saltersford Lock before moving on
Yesterday we passed the bottom of the lift, spending the night just below Saltersford Lock. All the locks have keepers so easy life for me. This one we came down in the big lock built for seagoing vessels. Just stopped for lunch so moving on again soon.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

On the River Weaver

Well after a very hectic trip to Plymouth we think we have new tenants just the references to finish then all set to go. We were back on board on Wednesday. Since then we have been quite busy. On Thursday we took the car back to Dave and Dawn in Stockport. After feeding us with bacon sandwiches ( we must look undernourished NOT) Dave dropped us in Stockport where we spent time looking around. Some lovely old buildings and lots of shops. We will have to return at some point if only to visit the Hat Museum.
Anderton Boat Lift, also known as Cathedral of the Canals

On Friday we were joined by Dave and Dawn and their friends Katherine and Robert and we came down the lift on to the River Weaver. Of course after such exertion there was only one thing to do and we retired to the Stanley Arms for a meal. We are now moored as seen below. Northwhich is a lovely little town with several liftable buildings. This is due to nearby salt mining and subsidence. The buildings could be jacked up or even moved if needed.

Moored below Town Swing Bridge at Northwhich

Just one of the many lovely buildings here

Saturday, 3 October 2015


We are now moored at Anderton, in a marina just along from the lift. Will be leaving Falcon here while we make a quick trip to Plymouth to find a new tenant. Then to Bristol for my Auntiie's funeral.
Just before setting off yesterday morning.

One of 3 tunnels
We have been very lucky with the weather, misty mornings followed by sunny days, but unfortunately not today! :-(
Hopefully while we are here we will be having a little work done on the boat, so she will be all ready when we get back!
From Preston Brook to Anderton are 3 tunnels all of which went well. Not so easy was the sharp left bend under bridge 201. Why do bridges and bends always go together. Met a lovely Dutch Barge, followed by another boat! In the end I got off and walked round the bend (yes I know been there a long time already). Paul set off and I ended up stopping the fuel boat. Paul didn't think it was a good time to buy gas!