Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Return to Birmingham

We spent a few nights at Windmill End. Paul helped Kevin with cutting back some trees around his mooring and as a thank you we now have a roof full of wood. So we will be keeping nice and

Amazing Show
warm over the coming weeks!
We returned to Birmingham on Thursday. Not many boats here so plenty of mooring. Went to see Anton and Erin's on Saturday at the Symphony Hall. Just a short walk from our mooring. The show was every bit as good as we had been expecting. They had 6 supporting dancers and Lance Ellington, one of the singers from Strictly. Only booking tickets the day before we had excellent seats with uninterrupted view.
Will be here a couple of days yet before heading back to Hawne Basin again.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Gosty, Ghosty or Gorsty

We had returned to Coombeswood Canal Trust at Hawne Basin so we could help out on their work party on Sunday.
Part of the work party returning from emptying the first load!

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
Arriving there on Friday afternoon we got on with the important jobs of pump out and laundry, also buying some more coal. Not the time of year to be running out! Also their prices are so good. With pump out at only £8, CRT is more than twice that and we have paid more than £20 on some occasions. The bar and the kitchen are open at weekends. What more could you need!
The top of the tunnel sir shaft. It pops
 up in someone's front garden!

On Sunday morning we had to be ready to go at 9.30, bit of a shock. There were about ten of us and we all went in the work boat to clear some of the trees and undergrowth near the entrance of the Gosty Tunnel. Though I have seen it spelt as all of the above in different places! We were very glad of our lunch when we got back.

Eventually this morning we left the basin and returned to Windmill End. We plan to catch up once again with Anita and Kevin tomorrow.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Back to Windmill End

After spending a pleasant weekend in Birmingham on Monday we got the train to Leicester to catch up with friends Joan and Dave who live in Birstall. They came and picked us up at the station and we spent a lovely day with them chatting, eating and drinking. We managed to keep busy on Tuesday, so didn't start on our way back to Windmill End until Wednesday.

Frosty Friday morning at Bumble Hole Cafe at Windmill End

Busy polishing the brass
A lovely frosty Friday morning out side the Bumble Hole Cafe at Windmill End. So lovely to see blue sky after so many days of grey skys.  We are getting water and meanwhile Paul is busy in the stern polishing the tiller arm. The rain makes all sorts of marks along it. Once all was done we set off to Hawne Basin for the weekend.

Friday, 13 January 2017

It's all white now!

View from the galley window this morning
We finally left Hawne Basin on Monday, heading back to Windmill End, a favourite spot for us at the moment. We caught up with friends Anita and Kevin in Ma Pardoes on Tuesday evening. Then yesterday saw us arriving in Birmingham. As the forecast is for snow and wind we have taken shelter in the city. Will be staying here for a couple of days at least. The snow has now stopped and the little that laid is fast disappearing.
Hope all is well where you are.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Happy New Year

We had a lovely Christmas and New Year with various family and friends. We drove back on Monday, a bit of a mistake as many other people had the same idea. A trip that according to Google Maps should have taken about 3 and a half hours took us about 8! We did shop on the way, but it was a very long day! We arrive safely, so that is the main thing.
Falcon in the shed
 Whilst it is lovely to be back on board it is somewhat strange as we are out of the water. As you can probably tell from the pictures!
Whilst we have been away Falcon has been taken up the slip and been blacked.  We were very lucky getting the slip here at Hawne Basin, home of the Coombeswood Canal Trust.  http://www.hawnebasin.org.uk 

Newly blacked bottom
We hadn't booked it in advance but sorted it all out on the one day we were here before Christmas. They move the boats on and off the slip on a Friday, so tomorrow we will be back in the water. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful that we have now become members and rather than heading off tomorrow we thought we would spend a couple of nights, leaving on Sunday. The facilities are good, with a washing line to go with the laundry and as well showers there is a BATH. Such luxury. So bye for now.