Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Barging Round Britain!

Lovely sculpture outside the museum at Portland Basin
Made from spoons forks spanners etc

We did get the bike out on Saturday and cycled down to Fairfield Junction, the nearest water point as far as we could work out!  On the way back we spotted the sign for the Moravian Settlement and being Saturday the museum was open, so we decided to visit.  It was fascinating.  We came from the canal into a cobbled area which could have been in the 1800.  A real step back in time.  The museum was very interesting.  Sunday found us back in another  museum, this time at Portland Basin just a short walk from where we are moored.  This shows the industrial development of the area.  Yesterday Paul painted the side of the boat as this is quite a nice mooring.  Then in the afternoon John Sergeant was here, filming for ITV.  We watched for a while.  There was a wooden hulled boat (not many left these days) with a butty.  They were just getting ready, then finally got under way and we watched them cruise past Falcon. 
John Sergeant and crew!
 Well when we say cruised past John managed to put the boat aground, then the butty caught up with him and there was some sorting of ropes to be done!  In the end they threw Paul a rope and he helped to pull them off.  The boat is called Forget-Me-Not and the butty is Hazel.  Paul was filmed, but don’t know if it will make it on to TV.  It will be interesting to see how the whole thing is finally portrayed.  During all this we got chatting to the proper boat crew who came from the museum at Portland Basin and we can get water there.  So that’s where we are off to now.  Supply getting a bit low.  We will then moor just around the corner as we have yet to explore Ashton-Under-Lyne and plan to get the metro into Manchester.

Boat stuck on the bottom, the only smile we saw from John was when
 Paul called to him and asked for a smile in return for pulling them off the bank!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Moving On

Some low bridges on this stretch

We left Marple on Wednesday filling with water and having coffee before setting off for the 16 locks leading down towards Ashton-Under-Lyne.  The weather wasn’t very good but the forecast was showers so we decided to press on.  Not a good idea as the rain didn’t stop just got heavier and heavier.  I did take the boat for a few locks leaving Paul with the windlass.  We were very glad to reach the bottom, finding a mooring about 3 not yet having had our lunch!  The weather has been a bit better since, but definite lack of sun.  We are about a mile from the end of the Peak Forest Canal, having explored Romiley and Hyde along the way.  We had planned to get the bikes down and have a look at the junction but so far this morning is has been thick drizzle!  Think we might head out anyway.

Warehouse on the outskirts of Hyde

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Not every day is fun!

We arrived back in Marple yesterday and our first job was a trip to the launderette! Still have to catch up sometime.

A busy morning
We did a supermarket trip in the afternoon.  Today is lovely and sunny so the batteries have charged well. Tonight we are meeting up with Dawn and David for a meal and a visit to the cinema to see Jurassic World. Tomorrow the plan is to head down the 16 locks out of Marple.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Happy Weekend

Can't wait to open the presents

We spent a lovely weekend with Lorraine and family, the time went all too quickly.  While we were away it was Paul’s birthday and Addison and Brogan, with some help from Mummy! made him some birthday cup cakes.  We are still at Higher Poynton, we have had some work done on the hinge to one of the engine room side doors.  Hopefully that will stop the leak when it rains!  Yesterday we cycled into Poynton.  Only took us about ten minutes, however the trip back was longer as much of it was uphill!  Tomorrow we plan to visit the Anson Engine Museum.  Might even see an engine similar to the one we have on board.  The plan then is to head back towards Marple on Saturday, but at the moment the weather forecast is not very good.  We shall have to wait and see.

Shouldn't there be more candles!!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

We stayed at Buxworth for another night.  Paul took the opportunity to paint one side of the boat. Just the hull, will have to wait for a suitable mooring on the other side now. At least you can't see both sides at once! Thursday we went to Whaley Bridge, which is the top of the Peak Forest Canal, before winding and heading back towards Marple. Got to Marple on Saturday and went to the cinema to see A Royal Night Out. Monday we had a visit to the launderette. Today we have cruised to Higher Poynton where we will be staying for about a week as we are going to visit Lorraine at the weekend.