Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hello everyone.  Well we have been here about a week now, although it seems much longer!  The marina let us put our tent up so we could empty the hire van and return it.  We had a couple of days then to get everything out of the tent and on board.  Including the tent!  Well even the boot of the car is empty now, although we have brought new meaning to the word narrow boat!  Paul is currently sawing wood to adapt the base of the bed to make the access to the storage area easier, so along with everything else we now have a mattress and a large piece of ply to move around!  That said we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves and loving every minute. Making new friends daily.  But not forgetting any of the friends we have left behind.

We have yet to go anywhere by boat, but cruising at the moment would be a bit difficult with all the bits we have yet to find homes for.  We will be here until about the 17/18June, then we go to Braunston, half hour by car, day and a bit by canal!  Where we will be for about a week while we have some work done to the roof.  We discovered a leak!  Still it is in the roof so at least we are not sinking!!  Then its off on the open canal!
Take care all who read this and bye for now.