Monday, 25 June 2012

Well a week later and we are still at Braunston.  Apart from trips to the water point and a short cruise with friends David and Joan we haven’t been anywhere.  At least anywhere by boat.  Thursday saw us on the bus to Daventry!  Paul used his bus pass for the first time outside of Plymouth!  There is a largeish Tesco there right in the town centre.  So as well as a weekly shop we also bought planters, plants and soil so we now have a little garden on our roof!  Very glad though that we didn’t have far to walk from the bus stop!!
The weekend found us moored in the middle of an historic boat rally.  One reason why we were quite happy to stay here!  We were close to their winding (pronounced as in that which blows), or turning point, so sat on the bank with a coffee watching the parade go by. 
The roof leak has been mended, the engine has been serviced so lots has been happening even if we haven’t been travelling.  The carpenter is now making us a cupboard and a table for the cratch (bow (front))!  So it will be a few more days before we finally move on.
We are thinking then we may head south on the Grand Union towards Milton Keynes!  No roundabouts on the canal!  An area where we have been before, but not for many years.
So until the next update, bye for now.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Film of
Falcon leaving Yelvertoft Marina

Saturday about 5 pm found us casting off and heading out of the marina which has been our home for the past three and a half weeks.  Finally we are out on the waterways.  Falcon is now our main form of transport, with 2 bicycles when I can be brave, or foolish, enough to get on mine!! On through Crick Tunnel before mooring for the night. 
Yesterday was a busy day, First off was Watford locks.  7 in total, some of which are in the form of a staircase (google it if you don’t know!).  We were met at the locks by Barry and son Mathew, our neighbours from the marina, who had come to help us.  Think they were really making sure we were going!!  Norton Junction then took us from the Leicester arm of the Grand Union Canal on to the main canal. 
The flight of 6 locks at Braunston found us paired with a couple from America for 4 of them, along with the volunteer lock keeper the afternoon soon passed.  They took several pictures of us!  Fame at last!! 
So now we are moored at Braunston and the carpenter is working on our roof as I write.  We are hoping that he takes his time as there is an historic boat rally here at the weekend and we would be very happy to stay here and watch the boats.
So that is our latest for now, will catch up again soon.