Thursday, 27 September 2012

We are spending a couple of days moored here while Paul is doing some remedial work to the hull.  Where is here?  Well not too sure really, we are sort of between places.  A couple of days ago we came up through the flight of 10 locks at Stockton.  Luckily paired with another boat, so that even with topping up with water, we did the lot in about 2 hours.  In the dry too!  Weather has been a bit mixed lately with some heavy rain.  However if it’s raining we just stay where we are and light the fire! Today is lovely and sunny, blue sky and birds singing.  Time to do some washing!!  Not so straight forward as for you guys, firstly we have to ensure we have enough water and check where the next water point is!  Especially important as we are staying put for a couple of days.  Then we need to run the engine to ensure that we have enough power.
Think we will be moving on tomorrow though which will be 3 locks at Calcutt then on to the junction with the Oxford Canal (we are on the Grand Union at present) where we will head south, or turn right!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Well a while since I have posted.  We had a very hectic week back in Plymouth and managed to catch up with most people.  Been back on Falcon since Monday, but so far not travelled very far.  So now we are back at Leamington Spa gradually heading back the way we came and on to the Oxford Canal.  We will be taking our time as Paul is hoping to paint the other side of our hull so heading back to where he did the first side!  Next stop farm shop for some lovely duck eggs and probably a few other bits.  The good thing about retracing steps is we know where all the good stopping places are.  Lovely sunny day today though with the chill of autumn in the air, but making the most of it. 
So until next time TTFN

Friday, 7 September 2012

Well the last few days have been spent retracing our route of the previous week, so back down the 5 Knowle locks.  This time we were lucky to pair with a boat with a couple who were very enthusiastic and we made the bottom in record time.  For us at least! Then Wednesday found us back at Hatton for the 21 locks there.  Again we were lucky to pair with another boat.  It still took us 4 hours, was very glad to reach the bottom.  We moored in the first spot, had a late lunch and stayed there for the night. 
So now we are back in the Saltisford Arm near Warwick.  Paul has picked up a hire car and we are off to Plymouth for a week.  Via Medmenham to see Lorraine and family.  Falcon will stay here, but she has plenty of other boats for company.
So bye for now, be back in a week or two.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Well can’t believe that it is September already.  We haven’t travelled very far since my last post.  We have come up 5 locks to Knowle, which is now just a short bike ride away.  We are just 13 miles from the heart of Birmingham.  However looking outside we could be in the middle of nowhere.  Although the occasional plane taking off in the distance is a bit of a clue that we are close to civilisation!  Tomorrow we will be turning and making our way back towards Warwick.  Forecast is good for tomorrow so we have our fingers crossed.  We had a lovely day yesterday and spent much of the afternoon sat out on the tow path.  Paul sanding wood (from the base of our bed) and me crocheting.  Something I hope will be good enough to go in our porthole.
Well I wrote this yesterday, but ran out of power before I could post it.  So once again we are on the move.  Just heading toward the M42.  To pass underneath of course before winding and heading back.