Saturday, 12 January 2013

Well the New Year is here and we are still at the Leicester Marina.  We have now paid up until the end of the month. 
We had a lovely time visiting friends and family over Christmas and New Year.  Sorry if we didn’t make it to you but it was very hectic.  It was especially good to have Richard with us.  We picked him up from Bristol Airport and then spent a couple of nights with Carole in Keynsham before continuing to Plymouth.  Time spent there was lovely, but hectic.  Once again we stayed with Ruth.  We do kind of take over, and she doesn’t seem to mind, so again many thanks.  Left Plymouth, with Richard on Friday 4th Jan to spend a couple of nights with Lorraine and family.  It was lovely and we had more PRESENTS! The children have grown so much.  We left there on Sunday, taking Richard to Reading for a coach back to Plymouth, while we came on back here.  Richard flew back to Poland on Friday and we have heard from him saying he arrived safely.  Always good to know.
While we were away the river was back in flood, not surprising as I think there was only one day when we didn’t have rain!  Thankfully Falcon was fine and we soon got the fire lit and the boat warm.  Not so fortunate a boat about 4 along from us whose bow got caught and the boat sunk.  No one on board so at least no one was hurt.  Just goes to show how careful you need to be.
Well on that cheerful note I will wish you all a Happy New Year.
Best wishes from us both. xx