Sunday, 24 March 2013

Foxton Locks, we thought it was snowing

Well we finally made it out of Debdale on Thursday at about 4ish. Didn’t go too far and moored at Foxton Locks for the night.  Foxton is a staircase lock.  Two sets of 5 locks.  So we were there ready to make an early start in the morning.  Sure enough by 9 o’clock we were at the locks and ready to go.  There were 3 volunteer lock keepers working so it was a swift and easy passage.  Very pretty as there was a sprinkling of snow over everything.  (Pics to follow.)  Stopped for coffee at the top and were then on our way again.  

All was well for a while then Paul got me to take the tiller as there was a ‘hot’ smell.  In the end we stopped and called out River Canal Rescue (RCR), the AA of the canal!  Had lunch whilst we were waiting, then Paul went to have a look and found a split hose!  So by the time RCR arrived he was fixing it.  Still took them both a couple of hours to finish the job, so we were quite late setting off.  We made it as far a North Kilworth although it was 6.30 and light was fading fast.  Still snow around on the ground.

At Welford Junction
We woke up the next morning to a white world.  Very pretty with a cold easterly wind.  Our plan was to be at Yelvertoft, the marina we started out from, for the weekend to spend some time there with friends.  So there was a need to press on.  Paul was well wrapped up and off we set.  The scenery was just spectacular, a real winter wonderland.  Who knew it’s spring!  I will put up some pictures.  I took over for an hour so Paul could come in and get warm for a while.  He then took over as we came closer to Yelvertoft also so he could bring us into the marina.  Happy to say we have arrived safely and it has been snowing most of the time since we got here.  So pretty.

A real live winter wonder land, in spring!
'er indoors on the outside!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

We are still in Debdale.  Paul has fitted the new fan belt so all good there.  We are waiting for the workshop  to fit a new chimney on the stern. We are hoping that they get to us soon as we are a bit of a way from shops etc here.  Kibworth isn’t too far but it means cycling on the A6 so I am not so keen.  Meanwhile it has been an eventful week.  We hired a car Tue to Thu as on Wednesday I had my Christmas present from Paul.  A flying lesson.  This was from Cranfield Airfield near Milton Keynes.  When we booked it we had planned to cruise there over the last few weeks, however that didn’t quite work out, hence the car hire.  It was postponed one week due to weather, but happily this time it was fine.  Quite a lot of cloud around, but I just kept flying towards the spots of sunshine!  It was awesome.  I was exhilarated and terrified both at the same time.  At one point there was some fine snow coming towards the cockpit and the trainer took over and flew us away from it.  Just when I was really starting to enjoy myself it was time to head back. L  Just a well though as we had been landed only about half an hour when there was a blizzard.  Only lasted about 5 minutes but came down very heavily in that time.
Today we are going to friends Miggie and Dave for lunch, they are coming to pick us up bless them.  Barry, Leyanne and Matt will be there too so looking forward to that.  Meanwhile we are hoping that next week we get our work done as we are keen to get on the move again.
So with some luck my next post will be from a different location. Over and out!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Well we are now back at Debdale!  We enjoyed our couple of days in Market Harbourough, a nice little town and as well as doing some shopping we managed to get the bikes serviced.  Yesterday afternoon we decided to move on back towards Debdale as we were in need of a pump out.  As we set off some very strange squealing noise and smoke was coming from the engine room.  All to do with the fan belt apparently.  Which a bit further on broke!  Thankfully the engine is water cooled but not from the fan belt so we were able to keep going the engine was fine.  What is did mean though is that as the alternator was not now turning we were no longer generating electric for our domestic use.  Fridge, lights and the all important water pump to supply the taps. 
So this morning we set off early for the final run into Debdale.  We have a separate starter battery so that was ok.  We are now moored in the marina and back on mains electric and hoping the new fan belt will soon arrive.  We have ordered 2 so that in future we will carry a spare!  We live and learn.  

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Well we have moved!  We are now at Market Harborough.  Finally making the move out of Debdale on Friday.  We did have some exciting events in our final week at Debdale.  Needed a pump out before the alternator was refitted, so had to pole across to the jetty.  Thankfully not too far and it was much easier than I’d imagined.  Then the alternator was fitted and we had a couple of ‘trips’ into the workshop to have several small welding and cutting jobs carried out.  Some at the bow and some on the stern so we had to turn around!  We are fairly close (20 minuets if you have a car, 2 days by boat!) from Yelvertoft the marina we started out from.  So we have some friends in the area.  So both Saturdays we have had visitors.  Last week was Barry, Leyanne and Matt.  They came to lunch at Debdale.  Then yesterday Dave and Miggy came to see us here at Market Harborough.  Today we are off in to the town to have a look around and get some shopping.  Not too far but we will cycle.  Trouble is that the way back is all uphill of varying degrees.  With the added shopping that exercise must be worth a couple of glasses of wine or some chocolate to replenish calories!!
Meanwhile Costa Coffee (other brands are available) beckons.... So until next time take care all.