Monday, 24 March 2014

Well later Wednesday saw us pass under the M25 so it now feels as though we are getting nearer to London.  Thursday was a busy day for, we came down through 6 locks passing by Watford along the way.  Friday 2 more locks then a short walk to a nearby industrial estate where Paul had spoken to ‘Diesel Dave’ about coming to look at our injector as we have had a diesel leak for a while.  So as I write this Dave is on board removing our injector to take it back to his work shop in hopes that he can fix it and that if we need parts they don’t prove to be too elusive.  The weekend in between passed quickly as on Saturday we caught the bus into Watford.  Yesterday we worked 2 locks to Tesco so the cupboards are well stocked.  We then turned back to fill with water before working the same 2 locks and winding again to moor back in the same place we had left several hours earlier.  So where are we?  Nowhere in particular, but about half way between Watford and Rickmansworth.  Hoping for sunny weather so the solar panels keep our batteries charged as we won’t be able to run the engine or in fact go anywhere until the injector is replaced.  Will let you know how it goes!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Monday was a quiet day as we only had a short distance to travel to Middx & Herts Boat Services where we needed to go for a pump out.  As with lots of marinas etc they are often closed on Mondays following a busy weekend.  Though I don’t think they have too much passing trade this time of year.  Well we aren’t seeing too many!  So we had a walk along the canal to see where we would be going and found a lovely mooring with daffodils along the bank.  So yesterday morning it was through the swing bridge and to the boatyard.  We followed that up with 7 locks before stopping for the night just south of Hemel Hempstead.  So I feel we really earned our supper yesterday!  Today we have come through 2 lock to moor at Kings Langley and we have just come back having had a very nice lunch there in a cafe called Fred and Ginger.  Paul spotted one tiny duckling this morning, though as it was in the water and mum seemed to be sat on the bank I’m not too sure how it will fare.  Still signs of spring are all around. Well we plan on 2 more locks today so must away.  Bye for now.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

We are once again back on ‘the cut’.  Left the marina on Thursday and arriving at Berkhampstead on Friday.  A nice mooring opposite a park, with Waitrose and the town a short walk away.  Lots of people about enjoying the lovely sunshine we have at the moment.  Yesterday we cruised on a short distance.  Just 3 locks and about half a mile.  Didn’t want to overdo things!  There is a lot of water around still and Paul had to help with one of the lock gates.  We are continuing with our journey south into London but taking time to explore as we go.  Living life in the slow lane.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Well although almost a week has gone by since my last post we have not travelled very far in distance, although we have ventured along one bit of, for us, new canal.  We spent last night on the Wendover Arm.  Unfortunately the canal doesn’t reach Wendover as only the first one and a half miles of the canal is navigable.  We did walk on further and where the Wendover Arm Trust are working hard to restore the rest of the canal.  However this will take some work due to bridges/roads etc that have been built since the closure of the canal.  We only saw one other boat and that one was moored.  The water is really clear and in the area by the flour mill was full of fish.  Today has been a lovely warm sunny day, and we have seen several signs of spring.  Lots of snowdrops, a few daffodils and some pussy willow.  Tomorrow we are headed into Cowroast Marina where we are mooring for a week.  So see you all back here in about ten days time once we are on the move again.