Wednesday, 27 August 2014

We are moving along nicely now.  Having moved on from Hilperton we cruised about a mile then moored near some friends whilst Paul made some final adjustments to the engine with their assistance.  We finally got properly on the move on the Friday (22nd) when 3 swing bridges and 4 locks brought us to Seend where we filled with water and stayed for the night.  3 locks and 2 swing bridges brought us to Sells Green where we stopped for lunch.  As we were leaving a boat at the water point asked us our plans and we agreed to join for the up coming locks.  So we joined with Simon and Fiona for the 7 locks at Foxhanger which brought us to the bottom of the Caen Hill Flight of 16.  By then it was 4 so as the flight would take about 3 hours we stopped for the night.  Half past eight on Sunday saw us as the first pair to go up the flight.  By then Fiona and I had worked out a good system and we reached the top easily within the 3 hours which included a quick break part way to make a cuppa.  This was followed by a longer stop at the top of the 16 before carrying on with the final 6 which brought us into Devizes.  The mooring there is for 72 hours so that gave us plenty of time to stay on board on Monday as it rained most of the day.  Typical for a Bank Holiday.  yesterday we caught up with the laundry and the shopping and this morning we have moved on again.  Just a few miles to some moorings near Bishop’s Cannings.  We are now in 15 miles of lock free canal although there are a couple of swing bridges.  Mostly through small villages, the largest place coming up in a couple of days is Pewsey.  So know you know!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Well we have been moored here at Hilperton for just over 4 weeks.  Some of that time we spent in Plymouth as those of you we managed to see will know.  Have been back on board now about 2 weeks.  The good news is that all went well with the engine.  The cylinder heads have been returned looking clean and shiny and Paul has refitted them.  We are planning to move on this afternoon.  We will be heading east back towards Devises.  It will be good to get on the move again.  Will let you know how we go.