Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Moving On

Where she belongs, out on the cut!
Well in the end it was late Saturday afternoon before we finally set off out of the marina. So glad to be on the move again. Spent Sunday cruising up and down, not traveling far as we didn't want to be too far on before it rained to check the side doors weren't leaking. All was well so today we have made it as far as Middlewhich.
I make no apologies for posting another picture of Falcon, we are just so pleased with her.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Finally Afloat

At long last we are back on board, 8 weeks after we left. We hadn't anticipated it would take quite that long! Was it worth the wait? Well we definitely think so. I'll leave you to look at the pictures and decide for yourself.

Looking smart

From the bow!

Definitely worth waiting for.
We are very happy with the job done by Nick and his lads at The Paint Shed. They have all worked hard to get her looking this good.

Another Stirling job was done by Robin Wegg the sign writer. When we said can you paint us a Falcon, his comment was if you think I'm up to it and sent us some pictures of previous work. As you can see he definitely was.

Well we still have a lot of sorting out to do before we leave the marina tomorrow.
Be back soon.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Under Wraps!

A peep under the covering!
Well we have now been back in England for 2 weeks. Staying in Stockport with my cousin Dawn and her husband Dave. They have made us very welcome. We should have only been here for about a week, but as painting of Falcon was delayed we are still here!
Making the most of our time here we have visited York. Around Stockport we have visited Bramall Hall, Hat Museum and the Staircase House. We have also been out to various very tasty eateries. What a trail!
Last week we went to see Falcon and she was grey all over, part of the whole process. But yesterday she looked as you see above. Much better to see her with some colour. Today the sign writer should have been there and we hope to be back on board on Friday. So fingers crossed.