Monday, 28 April 2014

Well we have been back out on ‘the cut’ since Wednesday, however we didn’t venture very far until Saturday.  That saw us cruise the 15 miles of the Paddington Arm, where we had been just a couple of weeks ago.  It is lock free so made good progress with the usual stops for coffee and lunch.  We moored at Little Venice for the night.  So we are now on the Regent’s Canal.  Yesterday was another busy day.  The same length of day saw us only cover 6 miles but also 6 locks.  We cruised past Regent’s Park catching glimpses of the zoo.  3 of the locks were at Camden where the locks drop just alongside the market.  Unfortunately there is very little opportunity for mooring and any space already taken up by boats in some places 3 deep.  So we didn’t explore on foot.  As I write it is 9.30 am and we are about to set off for the day.  Just 1 lock then we will turn left on to the Hertford Union Canal and on to the Lee Navigation and heading north.  Watch this space!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Well another week has passed us quickly by.  Thursday night found us moored in Padington Basin which is literally just behind the station of the same name!  So Friday found us out and about in London.  We walked to Marble Arch and along Oxford Street, finding ourselves in Carnaby Street!  A very hectic day.  Saturday we spent another day sightseeing around the Embankment and Houses of Parliment this time.  Also we had company as we met up with Sheree and Alec (for those who don’t know friends from Plymouth) who were in London for the day.  It was a happy coincidence that we all happened to be there at the same time.  Monday found us back tracking towards Uxbridge to leave Falcon in a marina for a week whilst we are in Plymouth over Easter.  So it will probably be another week before I post here again.  Happy Easter to you all.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Well since I last wrote we have made it down 11 locks into Brentford on the edge of London.  We arrived there on Sunday.  Went exploring on Monday, but found it to be a very uninspiring place, so after having lunch on board we got a bus into Hamersmith.  The three of us had a walk around and found our way onto the bridge over the Thames, we hope to be travelling under there next month!  Tuesday morning saw Dave set off for home.  In the afternoon we went for a walk, initially to post a letter but walked on to Syon Park, saw a sign for Richmond so we walked on and ended up on Richmond Bridge.  We gave up walking after that and made our way back by bus!

Yesterday saw us coming up the 10 locks to Bulls Bridge.  I missed Dave’s help with the locks.  Especially as one of  the pounds was very low and we had to let a lot of water through to get out of the lock.  We then went under Bulls Bridge and are now on the Paddington Arm.  I will let you guess where we are heading!

As a note from Paul, It is a shame that there is so much vegetation debris in this section of the canal, especially as we saw a dredger and a weed boat moored at Brentford, shame that it isn’t being used as parts of this stretch are very shallow and smelly!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Well Dave arrived as planned on Wednesday and we kept him busy yesterday with 5 locks.  As I write it is 9.50 in the morning so we have yet to start out for the day.  We are currently moored near Denham.  About a mile from the village.  We walked there yesterday and it is a very pretty village with posh big/old buildings and 3 pubs.  We only tried one out though.  Setting off shortly and we expect our next stop will be Uxbridge.  Apparently a very good chandlery there so that will be worth a visit.  Catch you all later.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Well a week and a bit has passed since I last wrote.  We are still moored in the same place as my last post.  The week has passed fairly quickly.  The highlight being at the weekend, when on Saturday, Lorraine, Paul, Addison and Brogan came to see us.  It was lovely to see them, not the least because it was the first time they had been on board Falcon.  Luckily the weather was very good and we all spent a while on board before going off to the pub for lunch.  This meant them driving and Paul and I walking.  It wasn’t too far though, and afterwards we spent some time in the garden and the park.  Lovely to spend time with them all and to watch the children playing. 

‘Diesel Dave’ had to order parts for our injector so we weren’t sure how much longer we would have to stay here with water supplies getting low.  Was very please to get a phone call yesterday to say the parts had arrived and he would be along today to refit the pump and injector.  What a lovely sound this morning when the engine started.  So now we are ready for the off again in the morning.  Just as well as Paul’s brother Dave is arriving tomorrow to spend a few days with us.  He doesn’t realise how many lock I have in store for him!  I am hoping that we can make it to Brentford with him on board.  Getting closer to London all the time.  So bye for now.