Sunday, 26 February 2017

Away and back again

Our mandarin neighbour
We finally set off out of Birmingham on Thursday getting as far as Bournville. Yes the chocolate village and home to Cadbury World. We have been there before so didn't venture that side of the canal. On Friday we got the train to the NEC to the 50 Plus Show. We were more interested in seeing the NEC really but it
Lisa came to visit
was a good day out.
Spent the next few days cruising southwards towards Alvechurch arriving there on Monday. The lovely mandarin duck was our neighbour for a few days. My cousin Carole came
Tonight's mooring
to see us on Wednesday with her friend Sandra who lives near Alvechurch.
Thursday saw us heading back towards Birmingham in the midst of Storm Doris. All was well until we came out of Wast Hill Tunnel to find a tree across the canal. CRT were unable to help until the next morning so fortunately we were able to cut our way through as neither of us wanted to spend the night in a cutting with trees either side of us. So with another overnight stop at Bournville we arrived back in Birmingham on Friday morning.  Just in time as Lisa arrived in the afternoon to spend the night. She came with our mail and in the evening we went to see A Judgement in Stone at the Alexandra Theatre.
At the moment the plan is to stay here until Tuesday and then start slowly heading north. But weather forecast could change all that!

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