Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Leaving Birmingham

Working down the 13 Farmers Locks
Well for once we stuck to the plan, leaving Birmingham yesterday. It was dry when we started out down the Farmers Locks flight of 13 locks.
It is sleeting. Look carefully Falcon is there!

It wasn't long though before the rain started! Which at times turned to sleet. The locks were all empty too which meant we had to fill them first, just takes a bit longer. We completed all 13 in 2 hours so were very pleased with that. Stopped for lunch, some very welcome hot soup. Whilst there we had a video call from Lorraine. Yesterday was her birthday. It was lovely to chat and see her too.
The rain had stopped meanwhile, just about long enough for us to get going again for the remaining 8 locks of the Ashton flight.
Having worked very few locks since November it was in at the deep end!
Not going anywhere today, although we have walked to Aldi this morning. (Other supermarkets are available). Moving on again tomorrow. More locks ahead but more spread out.

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