Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Out of Tamworth

Well for once we stuck to our plan. We spent the weekend in Tamworth. Got our bikes out a few times. The canal is a short distance from the town with good cycle paths so off we went. Been a while since we last used them so Paul had to do a bit of maintenance.

Gary and Carolyn on Inca
 We also did some maintenance on Falcon, giving her a wash down on both sides.
Yesterday morning friends​ Gary and Carolyn came passed us on their boat Inca. Not seen them for a couple of years. We had a matter and they
Paul's fish and chips!
Moved on. We are headed in the same direction, so we may see them again.
We had to stay put as we had booked cinema tickets for that afternoon. Odeon Silver Screen. If you are over 55 its only £3 for ticket and cuppa with biscuit! Love a bargain! We went to see Sully. The story of the plane that landed on the Hudson River back in 2009. Tom Hanks played Sully, the pilot that landed it. Very interesting and thought provoking film.  We both thoroughly enjoyed it.
So this morning we moved on and have returned to The Plough for lunch and internet. As you can see large portions. Paul is concerned as he hasn't got his tartar sauce. Only problem, not enough room for desert!
Well with the sun shining we will stay here tonight and move on in the morning.

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