Saturday, 11 March 2017

Return to Tamworth

We left Tamworth on Tuesday having found that our waste tank was rather full and we needed to move on to Kings Orchard Marina for a pump out!  in the end we didn't get there until Wednesday as we didn't have time to reach them before closing time!

No its not upside down, its a picture of the water!
So Tuesday night we stopped at Huddesford and on Wednesday morning we visited The Plough where we had a lovely breakfast.  It was so lovely that we didn't eat again until the evening!
Having reached the marina I decided to do some washing and then we decided we would return to Tamworth for a couple of nights.  We are still waiting for Colwich Lock to reopen so we can continue northward.

Getting water by Fazeley Junction
We spent a night at Hopwas on the return trip.  A small village, no shops but 2 pubs! One each side of the canal.  So now we are back in Tamworth and will probably be here until Wednesday.  At the moment Paul is watching the rugby.

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